Halloween Party

First the halloween bucket is in the snow forts!! It’s the same as last years I think.

And fo the first candy click on the blue flag in the snow foughts.

After that go to the dance club and click the lamp.

Then go to the ski lodge and click the blue box.

Then click the pot with green stuff in it in the Plaza

In the cove click the sign and then the candy will appear above the surf shack

Next go to the ice berg and click the Aurora Borealis and a candy will appear.

Second last, go to the lighthouse becorn and after the lightening strikes it a candy should appear.

And last of all go to the book room and click on the book.

The prize is a backround.

Here is a picture of the member room I know you can see I wacked picture of me in there but anyway.

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Club Penguin Trading Cards

Club penguin has is going to have trading cards that will also have codes and you guessed it these codes unlock something online this time it’s a game. Interesting. Hmm Disney has been working a lot on new ways for us to pay them money.

Anyways here is a pic of the back of the cards!

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I will use the money to get the memberships. It works on the prencipal no clicks no memberships. Ok

Great YAY YAY YAY YAY Ok that was random. So Bye!!

New Pin & Unlock Codes

And here is the new pin it is in the dance lounge!

Here is some pics on how to put codes from toys or books in.

Cp Party Wooo HOOOOO!!!

Ok cp is now having a party (great, huh) Ok first here is animation of how to get the hat it is in the coffee shop.

And also there is another item in the coffee shop it is the old icecream appron (BIG BOOOOOO) OK Here is a picture!

Yearbook stuff coming soon!

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Club penguin has just relised books which will also have codes that unlock items! (I think I’d rather read Geronimo Stilton &/or Harry Potter)

Any way here is a pic!!

Ok now let’s see what billybob has to say on the subject! Take it away (again) Billybob!!

Hello Penguins!

Thanks for sharing your excitement about all the upcoming events. The team loves to hear from you – and we have some more cool news…

Starting on October 24th, you’ll be able to flip the pages of Club Penguin books! They will be available in North America at Toys “R” Us, Disney Stores, Disney Theme Parks, and other stores:

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin
Stowaway! Adventures at Sea
Waddle Lot of Laughs (Joke Book)
Stuck-On Puffles (Sticker Activity)

With certain books (like The Ultimate Official Guide and Stowaway!, you’ll be able to unlock special things online. Let us know what you think — and what kinds of books you’d like to see!

In Other News: To celebrate the launch of new Club Penguin toys in Canada, there’s going to be a party at Toys “R” Us in Vaughan Mills, just outside of Toronto on Saturday, October 25th from 1 – 4 pm!! There’s limited space so bring your parent/guardian and get there early for your chance to get into the party.

Until then…Waddle on!



Storm Insted of Eclipse

There will be a storm insted of an of an ecplse for halloween. Here is picture of the storm that will be heading for club penguin you can see it through the bonoculers in the cove.

All The Toys & Stuff

Here are all the toys and stuff!