Push Toys

Club penguin is now selling push toys and every toy will come with a code for you unlock items online.

Here is a picture of some of the toys.

I think there will be a lot websites coming out with the codes off the things this is going to be very interesting for club penguin.


Here is my first post that has been posted auto!

This is my first post that was posted automaticly!

Hope you like it!

Ticket Cheat & aniversry sneak peek

Credit to watex for this!

Get All the Prizes for the Fall Fair in a few seconds

  1. Play Grab & Spin at the Dock
  2. Spin it once
  3. Press Tab until the Yellow box is over END GAME
  4. Hold down Enter for 15 seconds
  5. Click Quit. You have 5,000+ Tickets! Go buy some prizes!
  6. (Thanks to Pelkiun)

Here is the newk peek for the aniversry of club penguin try it your self at http://www.clubpenguin.com/sneakpeek/flash/base.swf

And if you win you get a limited edition viking penguin toy!

Fall Fair and Pin

The fall fair is open and it is the same as last year!

You have to collect tickets from playing mini games!!!

Here are the prizes!

And also the new pin is in the light house!

And if you are a member you can go into the room off the snow forts and get special member things!

I am a member this month so here is a pic of the room and the items.


Member Items!:

Secret in the paper

First go to the last page in the newspaper! Click on the little bit of paper.

Next Click on the book.

Then on the cookie!

Then on the tv!

And last of all on the coffee!

You should then get a message that says:


If you are reading this, you have passed your field reconnaissance training.


Please be on alert, Agents.

You may be needed for a similar mission soon!

Here are some other fun things.


Latest Fall Fair Sneak Peek!

Here is the latest fall fair sneak peek hope ya like it!!

Updated Party Invite

Here is the updated party invite tell me if that time is ok for you!!!

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