Coins for change results!!!!

Here are the coins for change results!


And I won’t be posting or moderating comments to Wednesday because I will be on holiday!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

Celebration Dance Thumbs Up (Big)

We Want All Your Cookies!

He he

So cya till wednesday!!

Car 5

And just in case your were wondering that it not my car and that is not me!!!

New Welcome Screen & Servers

Here is the new welcome screen it looks sort of weird ha?

And there are some new servers 2.

Mission Sneak Peek & Rockhopper and coins for change gone.

Rockhopper and coins for change have gone! That’s such a shame!

And here is the mission sneak peek it will be released on the 29th December!


Quick Party Video

Here is the video I made of my quick party!!! Hope you like the effects!

Quick Birthday PArty on Cold FRont

Ok I’m having a quick birthday party on cold front I will open my igloo! Yes I am a member!! Everyone welcome PLease Come!!

Party Finished

Christmas party!

The new pin is in the ski lodge!

There is a santa hat in the snow foughts!


There are beards in the ski village:


The ice rink is back!


And if you click on the tree on the ice berg here is what happens!


Thats about all!

Christmas Party Sneak Peek!

Ok here is a christmas party sneak peek. Hmm I wonder if it is an Elf workshop!