Coin Code contest

update:so far


Dj rem59

baby 633

yup you heard me, a coin code contest.

it is a series 1 code


you must do this:

– go on  blogs on a ADVERTIZE YOUR SITE HERE page and say and in comments say what blogs you did it to.

there may be a round 2 if more than one person does it.

that simple, but there are….


you must use at least 10 blogs

you CANT  use this blog

you cant use your own blog unless it ACTUALLY has people visiting it

thats it

well, GO GO GO!

(this round ends july 5th



As you know, my main blog is pretty popular. So, I got an idea to create another site called Ipodpenguin. I’m inviting anyone to be an author to it. Like I said, i made it today. Dont expect it to have as many hits as ladydogs sweet site. Well, bye.

Club penguin evalation

ever wonder what gave the guys from rocket snail an idea for club penguin? I thought this was cool so me post about it

1.the guy from rocket snail wanted to make a game for kids. he wanted something easy to animate.then he saw a comic strip he cut out of a newspaper showing a penguin,this is the beginning.

club penguin evalation 1

this is a pik of the real comic strip he used


2.Penguin chat was born a while later

club penguin evalation 2



3.penguin chat was pretty much just a rough copy.Finally club penguin was finished.

club penguin final evalation now you can explore the island that is club penguin

how to be a nub at the cove

this may be old news but me posting it anyways

1.go to cove


2.go to the right of the chat bar

chat bar next to the map




in other news,i got a kitten!

idk what to name her, right now me calling her tofu lol


cheet for cp

actually,its not a cheet, just something kewl.


1.go to soccor pitch (ice rink)

ice rink

2.turn  green (no clothes)\


3.go to bottom of rink and turn around


aint it kewl!





The is a new pin and guess what it is? It’s a lovely juicy, yummy and scrumdiddelyumphes watermelon!

Anyway it’s in the light house so here’s a pic like normal widget will update soon!


Furniture updates:

Snowy1900 here!

Club Penguin new post!

Hello Penguins!

If you’ve been wanting to redecorate your igloo, there’s a new Better Igloos furniture catalog coming out on Friday! I wanted to give you a sneak peek, so I managed to get this image for you: updates

If you miss the plants from the Adventure Party, you can always plant a few of these in your igloo. What do you think?

The Dojo igloo contest winners will be announced in tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper. Congratulations to everyone who entered! As always, we have more contests coming up.

Until then…Waddle on!

      I wonder what else will be in the catolog, what do you think?