No Contests at the moment please look back later!

Really new contest!:

OK I have got another fish and another snail! I need help naming them! So I would like you to suggest names I will choose 4 that I like and then we will vote on it!!! OK here is a photo of him!


New contest!!!!

This time I would like you to write a story about the club penguin clock breaking down the 3 best stories get published in Labydog’s Library!!

I have written an example story called When The Club Penguin Boiler Broke Down. To see it click here!!

Email all entries to . Please note this contest will finish on the 31st of August.

Oh I almost forgot I will publish 1st, 2nd 3rd and the funniest story on my Labydog’s Library Page!!

Here are the extra prizes first, second, third and funniest get!!

The first 1st & funniest story get their: Story Published in Labydog’s Library, Get to be my buddy and have a picture taken of both our penguins and put on this website!

2nd gets his/her story: Story Published in Labydog’s Library &  have a picture taken of both of our penguins and put on this website!

3rd gets his/her story: Published in Labydog’s Library


The poll has closed and Herman won.

I have choped it down to these three names please vote on what you think is best.

I have got a new gold fish. But I can’t decide on his name. So I have decided that you will send in names in thye comments and I will pick the best one and I will call him that.

Here is a photo. Sorry for the bad quality as it is hard to take picture through glass.

In1st place we have Winter323!! 😀 santa-penguin.jpg

In 2nd place we have Lilly655 with her puffle! 😀


And 3rd place we have Seraphina 7

alices-penguin-santa.jpgHere is the latest contest is a Santa Penguin!!

All entries on

I will tell you when the due date is at a later time.

Happy Drawing!!!!

This time we only thought that this one was good enough so here it is. 😀 It was made by Bubbles 992 😀


This time to go with Halloween we will draw a scary picture i will accept gifs now too.

All entries on

Can’t wait to see them.

Here are the contest winners. 🙂

In 1st place we have Anna.


In second place we have Wilson who won last time.


And in 3rd place we have Adelice.


And in 4th place we have Alice.


And because we thought this one by BJ was so good we thought we’d put it on.


Here is the new contest draw a really funny penguin picture picture. 😀

All entries in by 19th of October and the winners will be put on the website on the 20th.

E-mail me all entries on

Here are the contest winners. 🙂

In 1st Place we have Wilson’s picture of Rockhopper and his red puffle. 😀


In 2nd place we have Alice with her picture of a penguin and a puffle. 😀


And in third place we have Anna with her picture of a penguin. 😀


Click the picture above for the full image.

Penguin drawing contest.

Draw a penguin and it has to be one that YOU MADE.

The winner will get theirs posted to the website.

Send me all pictures on

And I warn you any thing bad and no more contests and no comments for the person who does it.

On the 1st of October we will decide 1st 2nd and 3rd.

All entries in by September 25th.

All entries in by September 28th. 🙂

Have fun.



20 Responses to “Contests”

  1. lilly655 Says:

    concluding to the fiesta party
    could we have the same theme for the

    Labydog’s Answer
    I think we can!

  2. Winter323 Says:

    Actually, I think the compitetion should be about rockhopper, since the rage is all about him and the migrator.
    So, i think everyone should send in a picture of rockhopper, yarr, or the Migrator. Thats wat i think.

  3. vietpride28 Says:

    Could we have like a Rockhopper competition?


  4. Rachel Says:

    hey,nice website

    sugesstion-tell us where are the rockhopper stuff in aqua grabber!

  5. holly stocks Says:

    realy good to have a rock hopper comp

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  12. Seraphina 7 Says:

    Can we have a royal comp with castles, princes and so on?

  13. MEELAA Says:


  14. nicepuppy9 Says:

    I have an idea for the CP Clock braking down!

    One day Labydog was throwing a snowball at one of his friends when he accidentally hit the CP Clock! It made a funny noise then it said that it was 1:00 am at night! “I have to fix it!” He murmered. So he got out his jackhammer and started hammering away! When he was done he gasped. It looked even more worse! The target was on the top of the clock! The glass on the clock all broke! He called 2 of his Bestest Friends and they volentered to help! They bought glass, cement, and tools to replace all of the damaged parts. One they were done they stood back and looked at it. The sides were all sof and shiny. The target was back where it was. It looked exactly like the old clock but something seemed better than the old one. The three friends walked to the Cove and planned a party to celebrate!


  15. rosegirl14505 Says:

    Goldfish: Goldie

  16. Brry3321 Says:

    Fish: Jewel
    Snail: Shello

  17. clubpenguinv8 Says:


  18. clubpenguinv8 Says:


  19. buffy1011 Says:

    Fish: Swimmy
    Snail: Reggie
    (My homeroom teachers dog) 😀
    Thanks, and FYI: I’m having a contest on my blog too.

  20. maddyandlucyrock Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm im gunna get u sum hits

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