The Club Penguin Band is back!

The club penguin band is back at the iceberg.

And now they have left again!


Club Penguin Band

The penguin band is taking a break from performing on the iceberg. According to smimo they are back stage.

Dock Changed Theme!!!

The theme at the dock has changed here is a pic!!! 😀

And it’s changed again!

Also I need some help on how to use photoshop cs3 extended. I just got it and have no I idea how to do anything on it please help! If you know how to use it please make a comment on this post!

Also go to:

How can I improve this site!

Here is a poll please do it once to help me inprove this website!


First there are t-shirts at the plaza!!

And maraccas at the cove.

You can also buy t-shirts at the snow forts.

And here is the pic of the new game!!

To get in there click the headphones on the side.

And if you buy a backstage pass you can go to backstage pic by polischeck97 because I am not a member.

Here is what it looks like backstage. Thanks to Polischeck97 of the pic.

And here is the music catalog again taken by polischeck97 as I am not a member.

Click on the dot on the I for the secret electric guitar!

Also my dragon egg hatched. Please click on keep it alive!!

New Sneak Peek

Club Penguin has changed the sneak peek.

Here it is.

Also here is the sneak peek for the game that will have an extra level added.

Dj Game Sneak Peek

Here is the dj game sneak peek looks a bit wierd to me! But anyway I hope it is fun!