To view the Agent Missions please click here!!
The first video is about tipping the iceberg!! 😆

This is the aqua grabber video guide.

Here is a music video I made:


8 Responses to “Video’s”

  1. The CP Basement Says:

    why u use google? use utube. they better!!

  2. l00t Says:

    lol tipping the icberg!

  3. teamdifferent Says:

  4. gwendylu Says:

    hey cool videos they really helped. Come check out mine go to

    I hope you like it!!!!

  5. 3doglove3 Says:

    wat program do u use to make those videos?

  6. Labydog Says:

    I use a free program called camstudio and another program for editing the video called windows movie maker.

  7. lakerone Says:


  8. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    i lovedt he music vid

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