PARTY TIME, New server test stuff & Catalog Sneak Peek!!!!

The party will be at 6pm PST so that should equal 11am EST. This timing was worked out my my friend Lilly655. She has a website but does not update it. If you want to see it go to

So if the timing is wrong it is not my fault. Tell me if you can or can’t make it in the comments please.

Here is the info on the party!!

It is in the DOJO.

In the server Beanie.

And on the 10 of JULY.

And at 6pm PST.

I can’t wait please invite all your friends the more the merrier!!

Also here is a pic of the new way we will be able to log on to cp.

Here is the catalog sneak peek!!


Sport Catalog Secrets

Click the socer ball for cleats.

And there is also a new backround.

Also here is the cheat to get the silver surf board!!!

I will try and post more now that I am on holidays.

I will also update find the hidden word!!

Club Penguin Igloo Update

Club Penguin has decided to put a forest backround behind the igloos.

Here is a pic:

Also I will add the sports catalog secrets soon!

Party Day

I have decided to make the 10 of July. I can’t wait so we now know that it is at THE DOJO, On the 10 of JULY and IN the Server Beanie. I will tell you the time soon. I can’t wait to see you all there!

Rockhopper Tracker

Here is a rockhopper tracker it tracks rockhopper and can be very useful. It might not always be accurate. Because it relys on people finding rockhopper and then a person updating it!

Anyway here it is!

Full Credits to Tooly By the way

Also me and Straw000 are working on this one here it is.

Labydog and Straw's Rockhopper Tracker

Rockhopper is Here

Rockhopper is here and he brought back the parot!

Here is a pic.

And if you need to get rockhopper’s key it is in the back page of his journal. Ignore the riddle and go to the next page.

Rockhopper Coming

Rockhopper is coming and he will have no more trouble with icebergs because G gave him a snow cannon to shoot them away!! I will put a pic on tomorrow because I am very busy now and don’t have a chance!