Club Green Puffle Server Test

When you go o the test server you and everyone else is a green puffle.


April fools and pin

The pin is at the mine you have to do the dot to dot and then the pin will appear.


The cap is at the ski town.


The 3d glasses are at the cove.


New Paper april fools trick

When you go to the news paper
on the april fools page your name will be in the news paper.

April fools sneak peak from billybobs blog

Here is the party sneak peek:


Super Easy Party Clue

This will show you which room it is in.


Egg Timer on test servers

There is an egg timer on test servers go to

And go to full screen. And in the top right hand corner there will be a clock.


We are having a party.

Ok we are having a party. 😀