Yellow Puffles

The new yellow puffles are able to be bought at the pet shop.

Coins for change

Club penguin is starting this thing called coins for change. When you play a game on Club Penguin instead of you penguin getting the coins it will change it to real money and give it to sick kids or the environment.

Coins for Change!!

New Poll

There is a new poll on the poll page click Click here.

New Pin

The new pin is at the cove.


Western Party

The western party is up and running the free item is in the plaza. 🙂


And there are two free back rounds one is at the dock the other is at the forest.



Find the Golden Puffle in the theatre.

To find the golden puffle you must first click on the two puffles at the top. 😀


And then the Golden puffle will appear in the left balcony. 😀 😎


Theater Is now open

The theater in the plaza  is now open here is a picture of it. If you want to go on the side things just click on them. There is a script you can use and if you click costume trunk you can buy clothes and stuff.