Sorry I can’t update till Monday

I am really really really really really sorry but I am going on holidays over the the week end and will not be able to update I am really really sorry about this.

Really sorry



Ps: If you want the pin before I get back click here to go to Polischeck97’s Website.


I met rockhopper

Today I met rockhopper and here are the pics.

Rockhopper’s player card.


New Music

How to find rock hopper!!

First you have to check if he is online! To do this all you have to do is type in he’s name and a four digit password! If it says her is banned he is not online if it says incorrect password or login attempts… he is online!!

Next you have to go to a sever that is very full or a server that is not normally full.

Best of luck in finding him!!

I still haven’t but I will keep trying!!

Here is the rockhopper tracker show the current status of rock hopper!!

Rockhopper’s Free Item












Rockhopper arrived today, in a rowwing boat carrying some life vests as the free items.

They can be found at the beach.

Poor Rockhopper, his ship in pieces- What will he do?

New Mission Video

Here is the video guide for mission 6!!

Feiesta Party and Pin

There is a free item at the dance club.


And the pin is at the forest if you wave your mouse over the pony.