Catching Up!

Hi Guys!

            New news paper!  Lets get started!

                  Here are the upcoming events!


          Then these are the 5 top plays!


           Then they talk about st Patricks day memories!


               Cool paper huh?

                       Then club penguin made a post about the Snow Arts!


The snow artists have been busy going through your drawings, and on Friday you’ll be able to discover the first five that have been made into snow sculptures! Remember, for three weeks, there will be five new ones… They’ll be in different places on the island.





In other news: Only a couple of days to wait until the Penguin Play Awards begin. Time to start thinking about your favorite Stage performances! Let us know what you think.

              Sorry for not posting.



new news paper!!!!!

Hi Guys!

         Snowy1900 Here!

              New news paper! Here is the front cover!


                Here is what they talk about the st patricks day party! The hut in the forest will be for members only! i think im renewing mine later Today!


               Then they give more Info for the Awards Show!


              Here are the  UpcomingEvent!


                 Then there is a new Poll!


               Then Happy77 talks to The art peoples, lol.


Greetings Penguins!


There’s tons of excited chatter about the Snow Sculpture Submissions and lots of you are sending in amazing art! With all the buzz, I thought you might want the inside scoop from the talented pair of snow sculpture artists.


What do you look for in all the submissions you get? A great submission is fun, imaginative and makes us smile! But there are so many talented and creative artists playing Club Penguin that they’re all making us smile! 

Tell us about making sculptures from a drawing. Is it very difficult? The artist who drew it did the difficult stuff. We get to do the fun part. First we transfer the original drawing onto our computer and create a black and white version so that it kinda looks like a coloring book picture. Then we take it and make it look like it’s made of ice.

If you added flavored syrup to the snow sculptures, would it make them into beautiful, yummy snow cones? Indeed it would! However, you might unintentionally upset the poor artist whose masterpiece would be inside of your belly… :)



In other news: Don’t forget to get all green tomorrow for the start of the St. Patty’s Day Party! We’re really excited. We hope you are, too!

             Cool huh?


New News~

Hi Guys

            Sorry for not Posting………

   Then they gave some sneak peaks! I think the clover umbrella will be a new item for st patricks day since it was never given out!

                st patty.jpg

                Then they said this: There will be lots of surprises and things to do all over the island, including the end of rainbow to find. Members will even be able to visit a Leprechaun House to join a big party! How are you and your friends planning to get into the spirit of green for the party?

              Cant wait!!!!

          DS game coming to new Countries!


So many of you from the UK and Australia have been waiting to get the Club Penguin Nintendo DS Game: Elite Penguin Force… and the team’s been working really hard to get it to you. We’re very excited to finally tell you that this Friday, March 13, it’ll be available in Australia and the UK!!

The game will be available in Australia in stores including Wal-Mart and Target.


In the UK, it’ll be available at stores including: GAME; Argos; ASDA; Toys”R”Us; HMV. It’ll also be online at:;;

              Isnt that cool? Lol. I have it and the surprise is…………..there is a room in the closet thingy in the HQ!

         :D sorry for giving the Surprise away…………


News paper!!!!!

Hi Guys! New newspaper!

         It mainly talks about the Stage Awards, st patricks day party, and White puffle!


                            hopefully the White puffles will be for Everyone sicne EVERYONE found them, just like the Yellow puffles!


                  St patricks day party!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!


                 Make sure to make your Snow sculptures!



            P.S i got to take a pic with Rockhopper!


Sorry For not Posting!

Hi Guys!

      Snowy1900 here!

         So sorry for not Posting!

            Anwyay Rockhopper is here! Make sure to try and find him! Click on the Island on the map for the items to find the window


            Then club penguin gave out news for the St patricks day party! Here is a sneak peak!


                    Then there are whtie puffles coming! Here is what the team had to say!


Hello Penguins!


Many of you have been asking for so long for another kind of puffle to adopt, and I wanted to be the first to confirm that you’ll soon be able to make those mysterious white puffles your newest pets. On Friday, you’ll be able to visit the Pet Shop and get your very own white puffle from the Adopt A Puffle catalog!




All the puffle colors have very different personalities, and from what I’ve heard, these new white puffles are really unique creatures. I don’t want to give everything away, but despite their smaller size, it sounds like they might do some very cool things!


We’d love to hear what you think!


Until then…Waddle on!

       Cool huh?

                   Also White pufles have been seen in Puffle round up!


               Then there is a new Rockhopper postcard!


        The new pin is at the Ice berg! Its a Berrie’0