Ask Uncle Labydog

Here is my ask uncle labydog page. 😆

Here you can ask me any question about club penguin and I will try to answer as best I can in 24 hours. If it takes longer I am sorry this might occour if I am on holidays or I need to find more in fo on the subject. It should be fun. So I thought to start the fun I would make up a funny title. Enjoy!!!!!!


191 Responses to “Ask Uncle Labydog”

  1. Club Penguin Says:

    sorry this question isn’t about Club Penguin, but your blogroll. I keep trying to add to your blogroll and it won’t let me. could you add me yourself? here is my info

    Text: Club Penguin Tips

  2. Cobesta A2 Says:

    Dear Uncle Labydog,
    What website did you make the banner on?

  3. Labydog Says:

    Dear Nephew Cobesta A2,
    It’s great to hear you like my banner! I actually used a program called The Gimp. You can download The Gimp at:
    It is a really nice free program but sadly it takes a bit of getting used to. If you download it and you find that you don’t have any idea how to use it just ask again on this page! I can explain it to you in more detail. I hope that answers your question!

    Your Uncle Labydog

  4. emzilyemzy Says:

    Dear Labydog,
    I am not allowed to download that gimp thing so i was wondering if you could view my site and make a banner for it? here is my site so you can get some idea’s: thankyou.

  5. Labydog Says:

    Dear Emzilyemzy,
    I will make one and i will have it done in a few days.

    Uncle Labydog

  6. Polischeck97 Says:

    hehe!! uncle labydog!! cool!!~~!!

  7. Polarboy9 Says:

    Dear Uncle Labydog,

    Are unicorns real? lol


  8. Polarboy9 Says:

    I have a real question. How do you change your pic when u post? My pic looks like a rich guy. Can I possibley change it without a website?

  9. Polarboy9 Says:

    Answer meee!!!

  10. Labydog Says:

    Dear Nephew Polarboy 9,
    I am not sure what you mean by change a pic. But if you mean edit you can use Microsoft Paint if you want but I would recommend a free application called the gimp. You can download it at

    I hope that answers your question!!


  11. Polarboy9 Says:

    Well You have a pic of you. My pic is a Triangle that is green and looks rich. How do I change it?

  12. Labydog Says:

    Dear Polarboy9,
    To do this you need to make a account and upload an avatar. I hope this helps!

    From Uncle Labydog

  13. cpcobesta Says:

    Thanks very much!
    Im Cobesta A2 on my wordpress acount.

  14. cpcobesta Says:

    Dear Uncle Labydog,
    What do you use to make the headers on the Header Shop Page?

  15. Polarboy9 Says:


  16. 3doglove3 Says:

    dear uncle ladydog,
    im having trouble putting pics on my website i am so confussed.Polischeck tryed to help me but idk how! 😦
    From 3doglove3

  17. Labydog Says:

    Dear Nephew Cpcobesta,
    I use a free app called the gimp you can get it at

    I hope that helps!

    From Uncle Labydog

  18. Labydog Says:

    Dear 3doglove3,

    To put pictures on your blog you must first take them with a program like MWSnap. If you would like to try MWSnap you can download it here:
    It has no viruses and is absolutely free!! Once you have saved the picture go to make a post and click the first button next to Add Media. Then click Choose Files To upload! Select the picture in the window that appears and double click on it. Then wait for it to upload and crunch. After that scroll down in the window and click insert into post. There you have it you picture is now in the post.

    I hope that helps!
    Uncle Labydog

    PS: Here is a diagram with some pics to show you how to do it:

  19. 3doglove3 Says:


  20. Emzilyemzy Says:

    Dear Uncle Labydog,
    Emzilyemzy here again i was wondering if you have made my banner yet if you have please email it to me! My email is:

  21. natasha Says:

    hi Labydog am I on your website

  22. natasha Says:

    rgvbrygvyg4t7vyt87 7yr7ywt7y47yt7vqw4yu4ehfiuy984r9ftguiteygvrev

  23. natasha Says:

    what is penuin club

  24. Labydog Says:

    Yes you are Natasha this is my website!!!

  25. Labydog Says:

    Club Penguin is a game you can play at

  26. Natasha Says:

    Labydog I need some help with club penguin

  27. Labydog Says:

    Which bit of club penguin?

  28. natasha Says:

    LAbydog am I a member?

  29. Natasha Says:

    I carn’t get clothes for my penguin it says that I not a member.

  30. Natasha Says:

    and I don’t know my password and other things but don’t right my password on this site.

  31. boing Says:

    vmvmbzbzjsflorwyjxk if that fudhrureuh in fbh. by boing

  32. Labydog Says:

    Natasha you are not a member if you are a member you have to pay.

  33. Labydog Says:

    Natasha remember your password is the user name we have at school.

  34. Natasha Says:

    thanks now I remember both passwords
    How do you change your name and do you pay for it
    and I never sar u on it.I met a girl on it name Penny
    and she gave me 2 poast cards I gave u one and her one
    I put her on my buddy list u stil on it.
    Bye Labydog

  35. lucy Says:

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

  36. Labydog Says:

    That’s Great Sorry but you can’t change your name.

  37. Enemy4ever Says:


  38. nicepuppy9 Says:

    Dear Ladydog,
    I downloaded the gimp but i don’t know how to use it. Can you reply back with some instructions? Thanks!


  39. =]i luv smiley faces Says:

    can we get a free cp membership?
    =]i luv smiley faces

  40. Labydog Says:

    There is no way to currently get a free membership.
    But maybe one day I might be able to give one away.

  41. nicepuppy9 Says:

    Ummm, labydog. I need some help with the gimp. I want to add an image onto it but i don’t know how to add an image. My dad doesn’t even know! He just knows how to add text. 😦 I would like for you to e-mail on how you made headers for people and hopefully i’ll understand. Thank you and please please please e-mail me instructions! Thank you!!!!!

  42. kazanouri 22 Says:

    what happens if i click the image that says: dont click here your pc will blow up will it download a virus or something?

  43. Labydog Says:

    It’s a joke!!
    It says it gives you a fake virus. It’s only a joke.

  44. Natasha Says:

    Hi Labydog
    I don’t know how to get the lollies u know.

  45. Labydog Says:

    Natasha please check my post on front page about all the different locations of the lollies.

  46. snowy1900 Says:

    if u get 50,000 hits will u have a party, cause i made a post on my site that said to visit here and comment so u can get 50,000 hits and have a party maybe:-P

  47. Danielle2289 Says:

    Where is the pin because I am looking for it.

  48. Danielle2289 Says:

    Sorry where is the NEW pin.

    • Labydog Says:

      It’s In the pet shop click here for more info!!

  49. lakerone Says:

    are you a ninja yet?

    • Labydog Says:

      Not Quite Yet!

  50. Danielle2289 Says:

    Where is the Christmas toys and is there any free things apart from the bell.
    From tash

  51. Danielle2289 Says:

    Do you get anthing if you chose to do Coins For Change.

  52. Labydog Says:

    Last yeaar we got a bell but I don’t know what they will give out this year!

  53. Danielle2289 Says:

    Coins For Change is a wast of money!!!

    • Labydog Says:

      I don’t think so because it gives that money to real people!

  54. tash Says:

    I gave $50 to the sick on Club Penguin
    and does it really get geven to real people?
    and u was on Club penguin this Moning.

    • Labydog Says:

      Club penguin does really give it to real people!!!! And I was on club penguin this morning!

  55. tash Says:

    How does not real money be given to real people?

    and why did you go and did you see me!!!!!!

    also I did not get anthing after I donate?

    • Labydog Says:

      You don’t get anything after you donate but here’s how coins for change works. Club penguin gets 1million dollars! And they get penguin donating which decides how much out of the million dollars goes to each cause!

  56. tash Says:

    Is there any free toys on Club Penguin that I can get?

  57. TASH Says:

    Is there any free toys on Club Penguin that I can I get?

    • Labydog Says:

      No not at the moment.

  58. Danielle2289 Says:

    How was your Birthday? and did ou have head lice on your birthday? I am going to South Australia on Chirstmas day! What are you doing for Christmas?

    • Labydog Says:

      I didn’t have head lice on my bday! And for christmas I am going to my aunties mother’s house!

  59. DANIELLE2289 Says:

    Can I get 2 Penguins?

    • Labydog Says:

      For a short answer YES you can!

  60. Danielle2089 Says:

    How Come People who are not members can not get in the night club?
    From tash

  61. tash Says:

    I was away where is the pin!

  62. Labydog Says:

    Members can not get into the nightclub because it is a member party!
    And the pin is in the snow forts

  63. Danielle22289 Says:


  64. loulou1123 Says:

    please i really want a nonsukish blog!

    • Labydog Says:

      I’d love to do A blog with you add me to it my e-mail is

  65. ≈¢єℓℓιє555627/נвgυяℓ≈ Says:

    how did y amake the animations on the Animations page..?

    • Labydog Says:

      I use camtasia studio you can buy it. Ask me again if you end up buying it!

  66. Danielle2289 Says:

    Are you a member?

    • Labydog Says:


  67. tash Says:

    I will see you soon at school !

  68. lakerone Says:

    were did the name labydog come from??

    • Labydog Says:

      I was just trying out different names at my friends house I tried labydog and it worked so I’ve had it eversince!

  69. Tash Says:

    Is there any free things for people that are not members?

    • Labydog Says:

      you can get a hat in the cove!

  70. tash Says:

    thanks see u soon

  71. tash Says:

    can u tell me when theres a new pin.

  72. Danielle2289 Says:

    I got 1000000

  73. loulou1123 Says:

    labydog u a boy or girl…. u said uncle so im gessin u a boy..

    • Labydog Says:


  74. gulchi Says:

    Hello,I am sending u a e-mail at .
    Please read it and reply me.
    Gulchi 😉

  75. labydogandlucy Says:

    ok “Labydog” lol the blog is redy i sent u an email!

    • Labydog Says:

      How did you know my name?

  76. labydogandlucy Says:

    oh dont think im a wierd person well here the comment revealed it if you want me tob just call u labydog thats fine i wanted to see how you reacted lol sorry if i scared u or anything.

    natasha Says:
    August 21, 2008 at 4:52 am

    hi John am I on your website

    • Labydog Says:

      oh no I just wondered shes just a girl in my class at school.

  77. Tash Says:

    labbydog can u go on me on club penguin I WANT A BLACK BELT!!!

    • Labydog Says:

      I will when I get a chance defently.

  78. labydogandlucy Says:

    oh ok i just wanted to make sure you didnt think i was a cereal killer or something well bye!

    • Labydog Says:

      Hmm I never thought you shot cereal boxes with cereal in them jk jk. HE HE

  79. labydogandlucy :) Says:

    yea well that tony the tiger im tired of him. he’s not so grrrrrreat! anymore also that lucky too thiscaused me to start cereal killing ohhh they made a new charm in lucky charms i gotta go to the store and buy that cereal and some bullets to reload my gun lucky isnt so lucky today! >:)

    • Labydog Says:

      HA HA You crack me up!

  80. lakerone Says:

    jugga jigga wugga…… do you know chineese?

    • Labydog Says:

      um no actully

  81. bbb Says:

    um this is lucy labydog i have some stuff to say snowy is sooo lucky to work on this blog!!!! i wish i could but you know im not good at making blogs 😦

    2.if u want the blog we made could be about that game you play and club penguin….unless you dont wannas blog anymore 😦

    3.HAPPY V-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Labydog Says:

      Sounds good we’ll make it a dizzywood & cp blog!

  82. bbb Says:




    • Labydog Says:

      I haven’t completly quit club penguin. And I will never give away my penguin sorry.

  83. llluuucccyyy Says:

    cool ill join dizzywood and we can write about it and cp whats your username in it

    • Labydog Says:

      In dizzywood it’s Labydog_

  84. gamewalkthroughs1 Says:

    hi my name is justin ib write game walkthroughs and i also play club penguin.i would love if you could play games and tell me what they are.(one that you would need a walkthrough to). i would love if you could visit my blog.i made it yesterday to write walkthroughs and hope that i can help you!

  85. Labydog i miss you!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    i miss you come back and i made a dizzywood acount snowy9

  86. kemmy98 (my cp name) Says:

    Is it safe to press that button that says the computer will blow up? If yes, What happens and is it harmful?

    • Labydog Says:

      It is safe it just says so would you like a virus and it pretends to give you one. But it dosen’t really I hope that answers your question.

      • kemmy98 Says:

        Thank you. That did anwser my question. I tried dareing my sister to press it on her laptop but she did’nt! 😦

      • Labydog Says:

        He He I’ve pressed it millions of time (find it gives me a giggle). Maybe I should a video to shoe you what happens.

  87. Daniell2289 Says:

    April Fools is cool.

  88. Danielle2289 Says:

    Guest what I did the Easter hunt on
    club penguin with the kids in the street.

  89. labydogandlucy Says:

    dear uncle labydog
    it’s your niece lucy!i have a few questions were going to make a header for our blog.when are you going to?

    2.How many days old is your penguin

    3.Are you a member

    4when do u go on i wanna c u

    ok im done

    • Labydog Says:

      Dear Niece Lucy,
      1. I will make one as soon as I’ve got a picture of your penguin. (I want to use it on the header)
      2. 772 Days Old
      3. No
      4. I normally go on in the afternoons (Australia time)

      Good Luck

  90. labydogandlucy Says:

    oh so i need to figure out australian
    im from the u.s.a

  91. labydogandlucy Says:

    if im E.T.Z (eastern time zone)
    i wonder what time it would be

    • Labydog Says:

      Um that’s a good question maybe you should look on

  92. labydogandlucy Says:

    ill get a pik hb i give you the link, will that work?
    and should it be me sitting or standing? lol u dont have to anser that i am pretty stupid 4 sayin that

    • Labydog Says:

      Your not stupid for saying that it’s a good question!
      Yes you can upload it and give me a link I would suggest a place like
      I’ve used them a couple of times and never had a prob. JUst copy the direct link of the image after it’s finished uploding at the bottom of the page.
      What would be best would be just taking a picture of your player card with your background!

      Good Luck! 😀

      -Labydog 🙂

  93. labydogandlucy Says:

    also can you have a contest like writing a song?

    • Labydog Says:

      I guess so maybe we could have someone make it in mario paint or something!
      I’ll ad mario paint to the download page right now!

  94. labydogandlucy Says:

    ok i got a pic of my penguin usin mwsnap how do i get the link of it???????? free image hostin wont work

  95. labydogandlucy Says:

    w8 i gots an idea ill make a post and use the pic then you can somehow get the link (im not sure if itll work tho :\ )

    • Labydog Says:

      W8 a second just use it should work and if that dosen’t work just submit a penguin of the week and put in a pic of your penguin!
      Good LUCK!

  96. buffy1011 Says:

    How do you change your advatar, like, without making a new blog? Awnser if you can, it’s ok if you can’t.

  97. Danielle2289 Says:

    Do u know where the pin is?
    can u anser please

    • Labydog Says:

      the boiler room

  98. labydogandlucy Says:

    how do u pronounce ur name?
    lay bee dog?
    lab ee dog?
    and whered u get the name?

    • Labydog Says:

      You pronouce it lab ee dog.
      And I created my penguin ova at a friends house I really like dogs and i like labradoor dogs so I just came up with labydog.
      PSS:I cant type and spel propley today.

  99. kemmy98 Says:

    I am following you on twitter. I’m abbieEleanor.

    • kemmy98 Says:

      BTW, Thanks for following me!

      • Labydog Says:

        That’s OK!

  100. kemmy98 Says:

    Labydog. This is about Tweetdeck. I want to download it, but I can’t get on the website! It loads and when it gets to the full bar it’s still loading and won’t come up with the page. I tried downloading it from another website and it did download, it was an AIR file! I couldn’t run it becouse windows needed to know what created it. Any suggestions?
    I really want Tweetdeck! 😦

    • Labydog Says:

      Try download adobe air at this address and then try reinstalling with that file.

      • kemmy98 Says:

        I found a place to download it. Thanks anyway. What’s ironic is that I got it off Arobe’s website and the one I found Installed Arobe Air and TweetDeck in the same download..

      • Labydog Says:


  101. kemmy98 Says:

    Opps! Sorry!

  102. abbieEleanor Says:

    Hi labydog! Please make a video of what happens!!

    • Labydog Says:

      I will sometime but I don’t have time at the moment.

      • abbieEleanor Says:

        Thanks Labydog!

  103. kemmy98 Says:

    Hi Labydog. It’s abbieEleanor. I made a wordpress account. And a blog.

    It’s new. My question is, would you own it with me? I really don’t know how to do anything! So do you have the time to own it with me?

    • Labydog Says:

      OK just add me my e-mail address is

  104. kemmy98 Says:

    I know this sounds stupid, but how do I add you?

    • Labydog Says:

      Maybe at my next party I’ll have one very soon!

      • kemmy98 Says:

        Thanks, but I ment add you to my site. I have added you but I don’t know what to put you as? You can be anything.
        Even Adminstrator.

      • Labydog Says:

        Administrator then but if your not comfortable doing that make me an author!

      • kemmy98 Says:

        Administrator it is!

      • Labydog Says:

        Um I’m still a contributer

      • kemmy98 Says:

        Oh. I thought I set you to Administator. I’ll get round to it.

        How do you change your Avatar? Like I have I dimanond while you have your penguin. Can you help?

      • maddyandlucyrock Says:

        1. log into wordpress.
        2. go to “My account”
        3.Click “Edit Profile”
        4. Click change your gravatar
        5. Upload a picture from your computer

  105. labydogandlucy Says:

    dear labydog
    whenever it says you made a comment to “ask uncle labydog”, i go to it but the most recent comment is
    Labydog Says:
    June 22, 2009 at 4:37 pm



    wich you said over a month ago

  106. labydogandlucy Says:

    is it having to do with my computer?

    • Labydog Says:

      Think it has somthing to do with me replying to comments.

  107. redspetshop Says:

    Dear Uncle Labydog,
    How did you get that penguin widget? I found the website i just cant figure out how to put it on my wordpress page.

    • Labydog Says:

      I made the widget and to put it on your wordpress page all you have to do when your editing your page is press HTML and then paste in the code good luck.

  108. copybot96 Says:

    Dear Uncle Ladydog,
    I have two questions.
    Can buffy and i be administrator? and,
    Gulchi on this site is being way mean to buffy. he says hes giving her a ‘last chance’. i think its mean. Can u help? o and just so u know, I’m buffy’s friend. er, brother. see u

    • Labydog Says:

      OK well I have edited the post and have tried to deal with the meaness. As for the administrator I will think about it and get back to you.

  109. labydogandlucy Says:

    will you ever post on ?
    i added you as an author, but you never posted

    and i need some help for my round 3 coin code contest.
    i have an idea….. i emailed you, tell me if u can do it

    Lu Lu C C

  110. Littlepeng3 Says:

    Dear Uncle Labydog,

    Can i host a contest?

    Thanks if i can


    And P.S to kemmy~

    if you have a wordpress acount logg in
    and there will be a bar at the top and see the thing that says My acount? roll your mouse over that and it will drop down and then click Edit Profile. then it will say Gravatar image and click it and then you can upload an image from your computar and you click it and it will be uploaded.

    Hope this helps! 😉

    if i doesent i can break it into steps and pictures in a post for you. 🙂

    • Labydog Says:


      PS:OOPS CAPS lock

  111. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    Dear uncle labydog

    is copybot really buffys bro?

    • Labydog Says:

      No Idea?

    • buffy1011 Says:


  112. Lilly655 Says:

    Could I possibly become an Author? U no me. I no u no me.

    • Labydog Says:

      Yep I will as administrator!

  113. kemmy98 Says:

    Thanks, but I can’t find My Account. :s

  114. BJ Says:

    its bj
    im one of lilly655 and labydogs REAl friends IN REAL LIFE!!!!
    i know them in person!
    anwayz wanna say hi.

  115. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    coll sit ecalled buffy1011 tyepe it on google then clck buffy1011s blog it is awsome i would know i auther it!

  116. Labydogandlucy Says:

    hey labydog,
    is applerocks99 your sister/ brother.
    because your both going camping
    AND you never do one exclamation point. lol so does applerocks99. i just realized that so i was wondering

    • Labydogandlucy Says:

      oh and lily655

    • Labydog Says:

      Lilly655 is my friend since pre-school and applerocks99 is a girl in my class. We have school camp at the same time.

  117. Ikumiku Says:

    How do people crop penguins so perfectly? Btw.. Can you answer to my header order thanks

    • Labydog Says:

      Yes you can crop them using paint. I need to know the dimensions or I can’t make it. Also I can only have the penguin with it’s background but without the player card. Also perhaps you should use the snipper tool built into vista witch means you don’t have to crop it.

  118. Ikumiku Says:

    Fine nvm I would make it myself if I knew how to crop it

    • Labydog Says:

      So do you want me to make it or not?

  119. naruto8902 Says:

    Uncle Naruto wants to ask Uncle Labydog a question: Can you author on my site?

    • Labydog Says:

      course I can my e-mail is

  120. Danielle2289 Says:

    i will call you tonight.
    Ps this is tasha

  121. Danielle2289 Says:

    can u beat sensei ?

  122. jeff harty45 Says:


    • lucy Says:


  123. jeff harty55 Says:

    dear labydog do you have storm and is there only one way to donload it like is there a way to not down load it

    • Labydog Says:

      you only can download it

  124. samlucycpwv Says:


  125. singstarsammycp Says:

    I realy want u to see this!plz answer it!
    I wanna get my blog fameous i dont no how i suk!PLzzzzzzzzz help.

  126. kelsey33122 Says:

    hi,first i wanted to say awesome websiteand also how do i become on your blogroll??

    • Buffy Says:

      This site is closed, I’m sorry. But you can be on my blogroll at

      • kelsey33122 Says:

        ok thanks a lot!!!!!!!

  127. skyheat Says:

    can you make your own tracker and widget like a skyheat tracker

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