Header Shop

This is the header shop here you can order headers for your website.

First Rules:

Your header will be made in a maximum of  1/2 weeks.

You can only order 1 header a month!

What I need from you!!

Dimensions of of your header.

Example: 770 X 140

Text for header.

Tell me weather you want club penguin font or just normal.

Tell me colors.

And Text.


Tell me a color for you backround.

Or you can choose from this list of really really cool effects:

Bricks, Chocolate, Northern Lights, Water Drops (Big),

Reddy Orange Swirly Flame, Volcano like flame,

Green Swirly Flame, Leopard Skin, Lightning, Sand,

Multi Coloured Pastel, Tree Bark, Warning,

Purple Swirly Flame, Club Penguin HQ Television Screens


I can animate it so the words change colors and flick on and off.

If you wish it to change colors tell me which color you want.

Penguin on your header

If you want to put a penguin on your header I need you to upload it here:

Then give me address of the file.

Also please note if there is blue or a background behind the penguin it will show up on the header.

Or you can choose from this list of pre-made penguins. (Click on their names to see them!!


The Firestreaker

The water bom guy

The Frozen Penguin

Finished Headers

Pinkngreen77’s Header: 

Gwendylu’s Header:

Empororwet39‘s Header:

Yen Burger’s Header:

3doglove3’s Header:

Cobesta A2’s Header:

Agentemo619’s Header:

Nicepuppy9’s Header (updated):

Polarboy9’s Header:

Polarboy9’s Header No. 2:

Blewblew123’s Header: blewblew

Skydog24’s Header: header80

Tylor K1’s Header: heder

LouLou1223’s Header: loulou123

Lucylovely63’s Header: untitled

Lucylovely63’s Header (No Animation):fghj

Koolboy’s Header: untitled1

Brooke 876 Header: Finished

Note: To put these on your blog, click on them, then right click and save them. Then go to appearance, and then costom image header and upload the pic. And that’s it.


123 Responses to “Header Shop”

  1. Pinkngreen77 Says:

    770 x 140
    cp font
    orange pink and yellow
    Pinkngreen77s blog
    orangeish yellow background
    i want the letters to turn the pattern blue purple and green
    thanks pinkngreen77

  2. Pinkngreen77 Says:

    it rocks thanks in return your on my bloggroll

  3. Party Reminder « Labydog’s Club Penguin Cheats Says:

    […] Header Shop […]

  4. Pinkngreen77 Says:

    hey can i have the link to where you start you headers

  5. Empororwet39 Says:

    CP Font
    Lightning Background
    EQFC”s CP Cheats

    there is a background

  6. Labydog Says:

    What color font font do you want?

  7. Gwendolyn Says:

    770 x 150
    Comic Sans MS
    visit gwendylu’s blog to get info about clubpenguin
    Water Drops
    i want the letters to turn from blue to purple and then green

    Thank you!!!!

  8. Yen Burger Says:

    CP Font
    Yen Burger & Blueblew321’s CP Site
    Northern Lights
    Can you do the animate the letters one at a time rainbow colors?

    Yen Burger

  9. Yen Burger Says:

    Wow… that fast!

  10. Yen Burger Says:

    Thx for everything Labydog!

  11. Yen Burger Says:

    AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can’t crop it the right size!!! Anyone knows how to help?

  12. lukie911 Says:

    ok i want this pic as my whole header/banner make it fit please

    and i would like red diagonal writing ln cp font
    first anamation: for the best cp cheats…
    2cnd anamation: go to ray198 cp cheats!!!
    and make the anamation change every 3 seconds
    thanx labydog

  13. lukie911 Says:

    thats the pic and the effect ummmmmm u choose please ummm the pic will be the hole bg an make it so like its a small rectangle shape so the pic is clear thanx

  14. agentemo619 Says:

    my header should be a co hq background and the name is club penguin cheats and below my penguin name and on the picture is this source:http://agentemo619.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/agent-emo619.jpg
    and the size is 750 x 140

    Labydog’s Comment
    I dont know what a co hq background is. If you tell me I will try to do it.

  15. agentemo619 Says:

    it’s a cp hq

  16. agentemo619 Says:

    tnx for the ad

  17. agentemo619 Says:

    change the picture that is not mine is a ninja

  18. Labydog Says:

    I am sorry but I don’t know what cp hq is?

  19. agentemo619 Says:

    club penguin headquarters

    Labydog’s Answer
    Which bit of club penguin hq do you want? Do you want the television screens?

  20. 3doglove3 Says:

    May i have pink,green and blue for my header and if possible polkadots in those colors in clubpenguin font!!!
    ps 690 x 115 this is the sive

    Labydog’s Answer
    What do you want written on it.

  21. 3doglove3 Says:

    umm u chose want would look best

  22. 3doglove3 Says:

    i would say something like clubpenguin and webkinz go pink!!

  23. adelicem Says:

    labydog could you email me with a header or something.

  24. cpcobesta Says:

    Dimensions: 780 x 95
    Text: Cobesta A2’s Cheat Site
    Effects: Text turning red and blue.
    Background: A lightning one like Empororwet39’s Header.
    Penguin: The link up there isn’t working so I uploaded it at this link: http://de.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=szipur&s=4

    P.S. Sorry about the different language on that link (i don’t speak that language) it doesn’t come in english on my computer.

  25. agentemo619 Says:

    yes all the screens of cp hq sori for this late comment

  26. agentemo619 Says:

    my pic is ninja

  27. Labydog Says:

    ok I will do that

  28. Labydog Says:

    Meet outback dojo now

  29. lukie911 Says:

    Wheres my header???

  30. Labydog Says:

    I am working on it I am soo sorry I have been very busy lately. Sorry I will try to complete it today!

  31. Polarboy9 Says:

    Hmmmmm… Just wondering but is it possible for me to have a header. I dont have a site but it culd be for my chatbox. I know what everything is but the thing where it says the dimensions. i guess i would take your opinion for best size. but i was just wondering if i could have a header. thx!


  32. Labydog Says:

    Um I dunno maybe we could do a backround for it rather then a header. Just an idea!

  33. Polarboy9 Says:

    A header is the things u have inder where it says Adverts right?

  34. Polarboy9 Says:

    Oh wait nvm now i know DELETE THE LAST THREE POSTS PLZ. thx. Could u make me a banner? I could tell u what id like in it.

  35. Labydog Says:

    I will make one just tell me what you want on it!!

  36. Polarboy9 Says:

    Hmmmm… I guess kinda like a blue and green swirl, and put: Visit Polarboy9’s CP Chatbox! in red. thx!

  37. 3doglove3 Says:

    did u get what i wanted it to say?

  38. Labydog Says:

    Woops soz I will make a new one when I get the chance. I was having trouble with my computer.

  39. 3doglove3 Says:

    ok cool

  40. 3doglove3 Says:

    thx for the banner too!!!

  41. nicepuppy9 Says:

    780 x 95
    cp font
    Nicepuppy9’s Awesome CP Blog!
    I want the words to flick on and off in the pattern purple, red, green.

  42. nicepuppy9 Says:

    Hey labydog, i dont mean to sound rude but my header isn’t working! I tried doing it but it won’t work! Sorry, but i think i need a redo.

  43. polarboy9 Says:

    I have my own site now so how about a header! Same thing i said in the other comment. Blue and green swirl with red and white flashing words and 780×85 what-cha-ma-call-it. lol. I just want the on it. oh and make it say Polarboy9’s Great Clubpenguin Site!

  44. nicepuppy9 Says:

    780 x 95 pixels

    Normal Font


    Nicepuppy9’s Awesome CP Cheats!

    Water Drops (Big)

    I want the words to flick on and off. No extra colors or anything, just the words like normal and the text color is blue.

    Can i have the ninja penguin on my header. One on the left side then one on the right side.

    That will be all. Thank you for the redo!!!

  45. Polarboy9 Says:

    Can you make me a banner?

  46. Polarboy9 Says:

    Dimensions: 904 x 160
    Text: Polarboy9’s Awesome Clubpenguin Site!
    Colors for text: Blue, Red, and Green
    Backround: Lightning
    Animations: Flashing Blue, Red, and Green
    I dont want a penguin on my header.
    Thx! -Polarboy9

    Oh and plz make me a banner! Make me one of the things that are under the “Adverts” in your sidebar. I dont really care what that looks like

  47. Labydog Says:

    Yes I will make you a banner!

  48. Polarboy9 Says:


  49. 3doglove3 Says:

    thx sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 3doglove3 Says:

    also how do i make a heder so i could make a header shop?

  51. Labydog Says:

    Um first you download some free software called the gimp!!
    after that I will help you.

  52. Nicepuppy9 (Forgot to log in) Says:

    Hi everyone!!! Order free party invatations to put up on your website at nicepuppy9.wordpress.com!

  53. agentemo619 Says:

    hey my name is wrong it’s Agent Emo619 my name has space between agent & emo

  54. Labydog Says:

    Well I am not re doing it so if you don’t like it tough luck!

  55. Labydog Says:

    sorry but I don’t have time to do it I have lot’s of homework!

  56. red mrp Says:

    i know how to make headers just click my name bellow!

    i just use paint!

  57. Polarboy9 Says:

    Hey! I need another header! Like a halloween one! Add in anything ya want, no blinking stuff though. The same dimensions as last time, so look at the comments. Thx, Pb9

  58. Blueblew321 Says:

    okay can you make a header for us:


    We want everything the same just change the top line to:

    Yen Burger & Blueblew321 & Shawn1202’s

    and then everything else the same, same dimensions! Everything the same except for the change of name! Thanks! And start your magic!

  59. Blueblew321 Says:

    Never mind the last comment! This is what I want:

    Dimensions: Your Best Thought

    Font: Club Penguin Font

    Font Color: Any Mixture of Colors that relate to Halloween


    Blueblew321 & Yen Burger & Shawn1202’s
    Awesome CP Cheats & Updates Site

    Background: Halloweenish Colors

    Penguins: The Firestriker (two of them one on the two bottom corners)

    Thanks! When you finish you could email us the link at:


  60. Blueblew321 Says:

    Okay what is going on!

  61. Labydog Says:

    Soz I made it a while ago I fogot to send it I do it right away.

  62. skydog24 Says:

    SKYDOG24 (cp font)
    Northern Lights background
    change colors from green to blue

  63. tylork1 Says:

    770 X 140
    Culb Penguin Front
    Rainbow Colour or Lightining
    http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/6214/33ln8.jpg Two Sides
    Tylor K1’s Culb Penguin Cheats|Glithes|Secrets
    White Words
    If u finish email me at gfebin1@gmail.com

  64. tylork1 Says:

    did u finish

  65. Labydog Says:

    not yet sorry but I am working on it

  66. Labydog Says:

    I will in about five minutes!

  67. tylork1 Says:

    i cant click it

  68. Labydog Says:

    sorry about that I’ve fixed it. please forgive me!

  69. tylork1 Says:

    k i forgive u ur the best

    • Labydog Says:

      Thanks do much I hope you like the header!

  70. tylork1 Says:

    yes i do like it

    • Labydog Says:

      That’s great!

  71. tylork1 Says:

    plz cisit my site and see new posts and i have new pages hope u visit and comment

  72. tylork1 Says:

    do u make banners

  73. Labydog Says:

    Yes I do upon special request! If you want one just ask!

  74. tylork1 Says:

    i do want but what all should i give?

  75. loulou1123 Says:

    size:770 x 140
    says:the igloo, come’n’ warm up!
    font/color:club penguin: red yellow orange
    backround:Reddy Orange Swirly Flame
    thx! if any problems email me at lucyoconnor@rocketmail.com!!!!!!!!

  76. Labydog Says:

    what do you mean I do it for free!!!!!

  77. tylork1 Says:

    i want the information i should give u like i gave in header

    • Labydog Says:

      With banners all I need is what you want them to say!!!

  78. Tylor K1 Says:

    in left side my penguin and in right of the penguin write Tylor K1’s Club Penguin Cheats

  79. Labydog Says:

    Um sorry if you want a picture your banner has to be square.
    Is that ok?

  80. loulou1123 Says:

    size:770 x 140
    says:the igloo, come’n’ warm up!
    font/color:club penguin: red yellow orange
    backround:Reddy Orange Swirly Flame
    thx! if any problems email me at lucyoconnor@rocketmail.com!!!!!!!!
    NEED this header!!!

  81. Tylor K1 Says:

    its k labydog

  82. Tylor K1 Says:

    did u make my banner

    • Labydog Says:

      Sorry I will make it soon I have been on holidays!

  83. loulou1123 Says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    it is my first and best (of corse) header!!!!!!!1
    next month ill ask again and…………………………………..

  84. loulou1123 Says:

    btw if any of u are wondering im not freom china thats just my chinese name in the box 🙂

  85. loulou1123 Says:

    help me i w8ed sooo long for the header but it says…… File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another. im soooooo !:(

  86. ≈¢єℓℓιє555627/נвgυяℓ≈ Says:

    how do u make those?do u use like some kinda program or anythin?

  87. Labydog Says:

    I use free software called the Gimp!

  88. Lucylovely63 Says:

    Dimensions: The same as Nicepuppy9’s header plz
    Penguin Pic:http://pengpix.com/images/79uudbnlfiol0q3hux49.jpg
    Background: Reddy Orange Swirly Flame, Volcano like Flame
    Font: Club Penguin
    Text: CP Cheats Zone
    Sub Text(along the bottom): Cheats, Glithes, Pins, Trackers, and more!!

  89. Lucylovely63 Says:

    Oh, and add an animation, colors from white to yellow plz!! ^^

  90. Lucylovely63 Says:

    Omg, thank you Labydog! I love my header! I’ll tell all my friends to go to your site, thank you!!!

  91. Lucylovely63 Says:

    by the way, how do I put the header on my site? I saved it to my pictures and added it to the header, but the words won’t show up!

  92. koolboy43606 Says:

    2 pictures of my penguin on each side
    Front saying Coolboy Cheats=Flashing red color
    Back ground black
    Email me for pics of my penguin
    My email:salomon_soto@yahoo.com
    Email me for when your done!

  93. Lucylovely63 Says:

    I’m sorry to cause so much trouble, but can I have a remake? I’d like the same things, but with no animation. I’m a bit unhappy that the words won’t show up. If you don’t have the dimensions and so on, here they go.
    Dimensions: The same as Nicepuppy9’s header plz
    Penguin Pic:http://pengpix.com/images/79uudbnlfiol0q3hux49.jpg
    Background: Reddy Orange Swirly Flame, Volcano like Flame
    Font: Club Penguin
    Text: CP Cheats Zone
    Sub Text(along the bottom): Cheats, Glithes, Pins, Trackers, and more!!

    Please don’t add the animation…so, I just want plain Club Penguin white font. Thanks, labydog!

  94. Lucylovely63 Says:

    oh..I’ll have to wait for February, won’t I…:(

    • Labydog Says:

      No You don’t because I’m Nice I’ll do it right away!!!

  95. Lucylovely63 Says:

    oh oh oh oh thank you labydog!!!!! omg toy make me so happy!! (are you annoyed, because there is an AWFUL lot of exclamation points next to your statement.

    • Labydog Says:

      No sorry if you took it that way. It’s just a habit I should stop it I am not in the least annoyed. Sorry if you took it the wrong way. REally Really Sorry!!! (woops I did it again it’s just a bad habit)

  96. koolboy43606 Says:

    Labydog are you done with mine?

    • Labydog Says:

      No I’m awaitng an e-mail with your club penguin picture!

  97. Lucylovely63 Says:

    Thank you for the new header Labydog, you’re the best! Is it ok if I have added you to my blogroll?

  98. koolboy43606 Says:

    I sent it to you
    Is it going to be done today?

    • Labydog Says:

      There was no attachment with the e-mail.

  99. koolboy43606 Says:

    I sent it i really want it by today 😦

  100. koolboy43606 Says:

    It wont let me put it on 😦
    It says…..File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.

  101. loulou1123 Says:

    Well that is because you have the wrong size koolboy, it happened to me so sorry

  102. labydogandlucy Says:

    labydog when u makje da hedr 4 our site, use the pi9k i hav 4 my gravatar pls thx!

    • Labydog Says:


  103. labydogandlucy Says:


  104. Brooke 876 Says:

    Dimensions: The same as Yen Burger’s header plz
    Font: 1st animatoin says: Club Penguin Cheats. Color: Bright Green
    2nd animatoin: The latest Cp Cheats.(in small text) but not to small) Color: Bright GReen Backround: HQ TV screens
    Penguin Ninjas on sides.
    Thx!~Brookw 876

  105. Brooke 876 Says:

    i mean Brooke 876 not brookw lol

  106. Brooke 876 Says:

    Thanks labydog! but when you gave me the link it came up with something weird. and how do i put this on my site?

    • Labydog Says:

      To put these on your blog, click on them, then right click and save them. Then go to appearance, and then costom image header and upload the pic. And that’s it.
      Well thats how you do it in wordpress I hope it’s similar in blogger

  107. Ikumiku Says:

    On one side put a picture of this penguin (Crop it) make it not blury put the whole penguin without the player card and stuffhttp://i602.photobucket.com/albums/tt110/Ikumiku/Ikumiku-1.jpgOn the other side do the same but with this picture http://i602.photobucket.com/albums/tt110/Ikumiku/Swimmer.jpg Make rthe backround rainbow strikes I want it to fit as a site header.. In the center make it bubble letters (ones that you can accually read) and make it say Ikumiku and swimmer’s site thanks btw make the text flip red to black and orange to blue and yellow to pink

  108. cyril490 Says:

    904×160 pixel

    the color is this: (just the color)

    if u can’t.. just the aqua color
    Cool male member is the pictures (sorry can’t log in to cp so i can’t log in)

    Hair: the tuft
    Neck: Back stage pass (08)
    Body: Black hoodie
    Feet: The winter shoes

    Ist: animation
    text: welcome to cyril490’s CP blog color: blue
    2nd animation
    text: check dail for news and updates color: blue

    text font: like the text font in the picture i gave.. if can’t any font just to make sure it will be cool XD

    text below: cyril490.wordpress.com color: blue green (like the picture i gave)

    Thanks.. if you can.t do this.. comment back to my site… it is ok if you can’t do it…

  109. cyril490 Says:

    i mean can’t log in so i can’t take picture XD

  110. cyril490 Says:

    um can you cancel my header request???? if you already did it it… i’ll take it but if you don’t please cancel it!

    • Labydog Says:

      Sorry I didn’t make it but I had some trouble finding a penguin liked that! I’m not a member so ic an’t dress my self up.

  111. louij2 Says:

    can i have a clubpenguin banner which says louij2 cheats for cp

  112. pacman6673 Says:

    Can i have a header for me CP site? A little like this
    CP font (white)
    like LouLou1223’s background except keep the black part black and have the flames blue? If not just make it blue and black.
    I don’t want any animation.
    Put this penguin on both sides of the words please- http://s871.photobucket.com/albums/ab271/pacman6673/
    Header size has to be EXCATLY 780 × 95 pixels.

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