Times change.

Twelve years after Club Penguin first flickered into life, a decade since a hatless, bootless Labydog first waddled around, and nine inexplicable years since I tapped out the first post on this site – it was with a sense of sadness and nostalgia that I learned of Club Penguin’s impending closure.

If nothing else, it’s given me cause to pause and reflect, to browse through this site, watch a few old YouTube videos, and recall the halcyon hours I once spent with Lilly655, Winter323, Mistygirl904, applerocks99, Seraphina7, Buffy1011, Lucy, Maddy, Polarboy9, and many others.

In no small way, it is easy to long for the simplicity of that opaque evanescent past – when mistakes of consequence were difficult to make, one’s capacity for wonder was seemingly infinite, and happiness was so easily found.

It’s difficult to put into words what that digital wonder of an island now receding into the night once meant to me – but that doesn’t matter, for as this midnight passes a new dawn will soon be at hand.

Dear friends, I wish you every happiness, and every success.

Thank you. Waddle on.