New PIn

and just to let everyone know I don’t play clubpenguin as much as I used to so I won’t be updating very much anymore.



Club Penguin Ds Game goes worldwide!

Billybob has announced that the club penguin ds game will be avalible in other countries such as The UK & Australia.

New dance game & Free Item

First go to the night club and click the dance sign up table! Then ytou can play the game


And here is the foesta party cheats!;

There is an mini simbreo at the cove.


More Members Stuff

Club penguin is obviesly in tought times so they need more $$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$$$$$.

Ok qoute”Hello Penguins,

We received an overwhelming amount of emails and comments from all of you members over the weekend thanking us for the Dance Party–but WE should be thanking you!


It’s because of you that we are able to keep turning the great ideas and suggestions from the community into reality in Club Penguin. Without you guys we wouldn’t be able to make Club Penguin as fun and safe as it is for everyone. So thank you for all your passion and contribution to the game!
Over the weekend, many of you let us know not only how happy you were we finally had another member party, but asked if we can do more for members in the future.
We are listening – and the answer is yes! This year, we’re going to be adding more creative and exciting activities for you to do as members–and we decided to start now.
The Dance Contest game is going to stick around and we’re giving you the multiplayer mode exclusively! Everyone will be able to play solo, but we wanted to give members something special.

We also decided to add one more thing to the game today, as a way to celebrate being a member. Check your Penguin Mail and look closely at your player card if you’re a member. Right now, only you can see the badge that’s there, but we’re working on making it so that other penguins can see it, too! Let us know what you think.

We will continue making Club Penguin fun for everyone, but without members Club Penguin couldn’t exist.”

Also congrats to Mr Obama the new president of The United States of America!

New Club Penguin Start Up Screen

There is a new club penguin start up screen it changes everytime you view it here is an example of it:


New Pin

There is a new pin out it is in the snow forts!


The Dance a Thon Thingy is here!!!

The dance a thon thing is here!!

I snuck in here are some pictures!!!

The dance club down stairs!


Here is the dance lounge!


Here is the roof top.


Here is the boom box.


And you can also get a backround if you find DJ.