Contest Round 2

Here’s Round 2!!

Simple Questions. Very Easy If you Know Your Stuff.

Since barely anybody commented, everyone can enter this round. This round will end Thursday.

Remember: Advertise to get people!

Questions 1-6 are worth 2 points each.

  1. Name 3 out of 6of club penguin’s rules.
  2. Name 3 games that can be played on club penguin.
  3. Name all the puffles
  4. What is the name of Rockhoppers Puffle?
  5. Who is Aunt Artic?
  6. What is my username?

The next 5 are worth 5 points each and are harder.

  1. Name all of the rooms in Club Penguin
  2. Name 2 parties
  3. Name 2 rare items
  4. Name when Club Penguin was first Started
  5. Name three random famous people that you’ve met on club penguin (Rockhopper, Aunt Artic, Penguin Band do not count. It has to be people who say they are famous)


(1-10) Next are questions, 10 points each, about this site/me. If your a true Buffy fan, you’ll get these right. No Cheating!!!

  1. Who was Buffy?
  2. Describe me or another person on this site using three words.
  3. When did I start Club Penguin?
  4. How old is my Penguin?
  5. What is my Favorite Server?
  6. When did I create this site?
  7. How long have I been a member?
  8. Name 5 of my pages without looking.
  9. Yes or no Am I famous? No points
  10. Who are my sister and best friend on Club Penguin? (users only)

Well, that’s it. My quiz. Be sure to advertise by commenting on someone’s site on my blogroll:

Hi. I love your site! My friend Buffy is having a contest. Please visit her site!! hptt://

I will comment how this will look.



Gonna Be Gone (Almost) All Day

I’m going to visit some realatives today. Almost all day.

My time limit going on cp and here has changed. To 3o minutes per day basically. Including everything.

I can only go on 15 minutes right now, it took about 5 to load.

Well, I have to post everywhere right now.


long Random post

this is a random post because im so bored anways

well uh idk

im still bored


So im just gonna

well still dont know


i just got banned from this chat

A mod thought i was “insulting” her and uh i was just having fun and not insulting her i was just saying random stuff

OK maybe it sounded a little insulting

AND I WAS responsible in a way thats not my fault for insulting her

But while i just wait for me to be un banned i will just leave and play a computar game or somethin

If you are bored too i suggest playing this game called Dino Run. just search on google pixeljam games

and find pixeljam games

and click the game Dino Run

if you want some cheats just ask and ill comment them

the cheats are: Boulders=Baloons, Enable Hats, Low Gravity, Mega Jump, Super Speed, Goodbye Doom, Super strength, and something else

just ask me for the codes and ill give ’em out.

cya peeps

This was a ramdom post that was long by Littlepeng3 🙂

if you want cheats

Guess what? Homecoming!!!

Yay! We are going to the came at 7:00.

Then I’m going to Me Me We’s house after for a SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!

And we have a new author:


Welcome to the team lolz


New Pin and I’m Back

The new pin is in the book room! It is a lovely and very pretty padlock.


THE widget will be updated as soon as possible!

New Vids!

Here are my videos!! Hope you like them!!!

Also, Labydog: Can you make me editor? I think it’ll be fun. 😛

Oops! I have forgotten the other one. Even though I hate to say this, but please view my other video at my site hptt://

Then come back here.


I am so sad…

… I just got insulted in the worst way possible. So, I won’t be posting alot this week. It’s still running though my mind…. Bye……..