New Pin & Unlock Codes

And here is the new pin it is in the dance lounge!

Here is some pics on how to put codes from toys or books in.


30 Responses to “New Pin & Unlock Codes”

  1. Aussie Aussie Aussie, No fair no fair no fair! Says:

    It’s not fair that only people in NORTH AMERICA get CP toys. I WANT CP TOYS TOO! ANd I live in Australia

  2. Labydog Says:

    I agree I live in Australia 2.
    But I think you can buy the on the club penguin online store.

  3. sparkyrulez2 Says:

    i live in washington im to lazy to buy em so i emailed billybob to put them in a catalog i hope it works plz comment on my site at

  4. euorpe no fair Says:

    its no fair i live in europe! X(

  5. watex Says:

    its not fair i live in england i dont get any and you cant but them online

    • reggiepeng1 Says:

      I live in england 2 and i buy them from toysRus they are soo cool i want them all but i havent got the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(LOL)

  6. Polarboy9 Says:

    You can buy with the club penguin store. my goal right now is to find a site that has codes for items!!

    • buffy1011 Says:

      i think this site has the codes for them…. hptt://
      though im not sure…………..

  7. Polarboy9 Says:

    oh and you need to update your widget to the new pin

  8. Labydog Says:

    If anyones got the code I can crack the codes with PenguinStorm & Cp Revilotion

    • :O lucy Says:

      isn that hacking?

      • Labydog Says:

        whata ya meen?

      • lucy Says:

        I can crack the codes with PenguinStorm & Cp Revilotion

        isnt that like hacking?

    • lucy Says:

      hey labyog wheres uae?
      like on the map lol idk xD

      • Labydog Says:

        OMG THATS NOT ME! I think someone edited my comments!
        I’ll try and find out more!

    • buffy1011 Says:

      Labydog can u add me as Editor lolz??????????????????

      • Labydog Says:


      • reggiepeng1 Says:

        Labydog ,cool name have u got a club penguin i want the code to the book but i dont have enough money to buy 1

  9. Labydog Says:

    And my widget is updated! Sometimes it takes a bit longer if you use internet explorer.

    • buffy1011 Says:

      sometimes it is hacking using ps8 and cp revolution, but i haven’t used cp revolution

  10. snowy1900 Says:

    hey sry for not commenting for a while! i think they are trying them in north america to see if other contries will buy them? i think next year they will probly sell them on disney

  11. Eckomancool Says:

    Watex that you? as if! 😛 look Im AUSSIE! but see im trying to find codes online!

  12. teAGan Says:

    it so silly its not like everybody can get on the first plane to north Ameirca and bye a toy and come back and put it on the computer

  13. hannah Says:

    i live in u.a.e. and we dont get to buy these club penguin toys here

    • lucy Says:

      wheres uae?
      no wonder im failing geography and social studies :/

      • buffy1011 Says:

        i have no idea if that even exists! You know fab? she’s a wiz at that stuff. ask her!

  14. toppies Says:

    where to buy the toy? i live in L.A.

  15. hannah =) Says:

    i live is USA and it is not fun at all 😦 but you can still buy things online for CP! =) (only advantage for USA)

    • reggiepeng1 Says:

      I thought the U.S.A would be fun cuz theres lots of people off club penguin that live there =]

  16. Rocket 90 Says:

    can you add me as an editor on clubpenguin

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