Rockhopper’s Key and rooms

Rockhoppers key is in the back of his journal.

When you get it you can wear it like a pin.

And you can go to thr top of rockhopper’s mast.

I had to take these pics off Polischeck97 because I can’t log into cp. Visit her at



I have got a new gold fish. But I can’t decide on his name. So I have decided that you will send in names in thye comments and I will pick the best one and I will call him that.

Here is a photo. Sorry for the bad quality as it is hard to take picture through glass.

Pin, free item and Banner problem hopefully fixed

To get the pin move your mouse over the spade in the ski village then walk over the pin.

And there are sailors hats at the plaza.

Some people were having trouble putting out banner on their site.

If you go to

you can put it on your site.

Sneak peek, rockhopper items

Rockhopper has brought a free shirts.

Here is the sneak peek of the new room.


Mission 7 guide

Here is the mission 7 guide.

Clock goes zongo

The club penguin clock has gone zongo.

So has the other clocks in club penguin.

Poll About Club Penguin’s New Website

Do you like the new club penguin website click here to vote. 😀