Club Penguin Trading Cards

Club penguin has is going to have trading cards that will also have codes and you guessed it these codes unlock something online this time it’s a game. Interesting. Hmm Disney has been working a lot on new ways for us to pay them money.

Anyways here is a pic of the back of the cards!

Also Please Please Please Click the ads on

I will use the money to get the memberships. It works on the prencipal no clicks no memberships. Ok

Great YAY YAY YAY YAY Ok that was random. So Bye!!


4 Responses to “Club Penguin Trading Cards”

  1. gulchi Says:

    Hello laby dog,
    i have installed the gimp,i have a account in photobucket
    what to do next?
    reply at my site 🙂
    gulchi 😉

  2. ANisH Says:

    go on
    its cooool
    plz visit

  3. snowy1900 Says:

    i have 500 hits!!!!

  4. Pb9090 Says:

    Can you make a post about me being banned, and tell your viewers to e-mail me if they have a member penguin that they can give me. I miss Polarboy9… Pb9090 is terrible…

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