What Happend to Watexs Site!!

Ok watex has had his site suspended he is now on watexfreemembership.wordpress.com

Here is a quote on what happend!

“My blog watex.wordpress.com was closed for posting about Prizerebel. I am trying real hard to get it back but WordPress says the suspension is permanent, which I do not think is fair because it was just a single, accidental post that I made by mistake. I have imported a copy of the site HERE. And hope all my visitors can find my site.This is temporary and I REALLY want to try and get the site back.


Ok and I hope you are all testing out http://labydog.co.cc

Becasue if the server holds up we can be on there by next month.

Any Bye!


3 Responses to “What Happend to Watexs Site!!”

  1. Detroit87 Says:

    Can you visit my site and comment back???
    I know its spam but my site is only about a
    week old and has 100 some hits so I want more and more and more hits


  2. snowy1900 Says:


  3. shawn1202 Says:

    ya he has a new site! it is not really good!

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