Club Penguin news!!!

Hi guys!

      Lots of new stuff! Lets get started!

       New Poll and Comic!!!




             Then Happy77 made a new Post!


Greetings Penguins!


Wasn’t the puffle party so much fun? We all adore puffles around here and with all the shouts out to those fabulous furry creatures, I wanted to talk to someone on the team who just can’t seem to stop playing Puffle Round-Up.



Why is it that you love the Puffle Round-Up game? I’ll admit that I’m not terribly good at a lot of the other games. And I can get a good amount of coinage fairly quickly playing this one.


What’s your secret to winning? All the puffle colors act differently when you move them! For example, the red ones sometimes jump out! The pink ones cooperate, but they’re slower to respond. (Also, eating chocolate mints as I play helps tremendously.)


How much time do you spend playing? Not nearly enough to get all the things from Penguin Style that I want.


So… Coins or challenge… Why do you love your fave Club Penguin games? We want to hear from you.
                 Next there is a New paper!

          Here are the Upcoming events! I Cant wait for the St Patricks day party! Tomorrow im going to plan a party That will take Place during this! Make sure to feel Irish and show your Green colors!


           Then they talk about the Scuplture contest and White puffles!



                 Make sure to scroll down for the Party Info!



Video! Club Penguin shows White Puffles!

Hi Guys!

         How do you like the Puffle party? Well club penguin made  puffle video! Click on the URL to check it out!


Then i spotted the White Puffle! At 12:00 and 12:30 etc you can see it at the Dojo! At 12:15 and 12:45 etc you can see it at the Ski mountain!


          Cool huh? I wanted an Orange puffle though. Maybe with the White puffle we can paint it different colors!

                   What do you think?


Puffle party and Furniture secrets!

Hi Guys!

     The puffle party is Out! Here is where the Item is! Its in the Cove!

              The Puffle Bandana came back!            


            Here is the Yellow Puffle room! It painted me and made a Sculpture!



               The the green puffle room! Wonder why no Propeller hat?


           Then the purple party room!  This is my Favorite room!


              Then the Black puffle room and red! Both very Sporty and Fun!



             Last 2 rooms! Pink and Blue!



             Then thre is a puffle feeding room! And rockhopper is in the Telescope!   



              Whoa thats a lot! Now the catolog! Firts they brought back the Red Collection!


              Click the   Pinata  to get the big gold fish!


                Then click right snow tower on the snow castle page to get the Green Bird House!


               Then click the red on the Velvet rope to get the Welcome Mat!

                   Thats a lot! So Enjoy the party!


Furniture catolog and New Wallpaper!

Hi Guys!

      Snowy1900 Here!

              Club Penguin Realsed a sneak peak of the Furniture catolog that comes out This Friday!!!!



                     Then there is a new Wallpaper!


            REMEMBER!!!! the party starts this Friday!!!!


Toy Update!

Hi Guys!

         Snowy1900 here. Club Penguin realsed news on some new upcoming toys! Like this Gary one!



              What do you think? Comment wwhat type of toy you would like to see in the Future!


OK Here is what’s going to happen

I will not poat on this site as much as I used to snowy1900 will be the main poster but I will drop round once a week to say hi.

I will continue to do the widget, header shop & penguin of the week.

I don’t play club penguin too much anymore I play instead.

I have a cheats site with some friends for that I’m Labydog_ on it be cuase my friend Labydog stoll my name.

The address for that is

I’ll make a video with all the times I’ve had next week end.

Thank you all for visiting over the last year and a half.

Bye for a little while


New stage! puffles playing! new Pin!, puffle party supplie everywhere! and new post cards!

Hi Guys!

      Lots of new stuff!

            First there are many rooms decorted like the town, plaza, and Ski village


          Also ther eare Boxes in Numbers of Places!


    Then Check out the new stage!


      Two NEW post cards!



Also Puffles are now Playing!

                Here is some useful info!


Some of you aren’t sure about how to get your puffles to play with their furniture. If you click on your puffle cards, you can ask them to play, eat, or sleep. They’ll only play if their health is full or almost full, so keep them well fed and well rested! Thanks for your patience. We’ll keep you updated.

             My Puffles wont play? If they do i will let you know!

              Also New Pin!