Im sorry

im realy sorry but…….

I might quit

 like quit my website, and my brothers, and rocket’s website, and this one too

i cant be on here much

ill pop around sometimes

i just cant take care of alot of websites

and rocket keeps sending me emails and i  dont have time to even read them

im sorry


its just an idea

its not s straight desiscon

im sorry

~Littlepeng3 P.S. to all- 😦


Free Item!!!

Hi I’m Labydog’s sister Seraphina7. u might see me around sometimes on Club Penguin. Anyway he wanted me 2 do this post 4 u because he is busy. he wants me 2 tell u about the Halloween stuff on CP.  Now don’t laugh at me if i say something weird cause this is my 1st post ever. kay? Here we go.


there is a FREE item 4 all u non members. here’s a pic of it.



thanks heaps

Seraphina 7

P.S. Peace!!!


80,000 hits Party!!! woot

There is going to be an 80,000 hits party soon here are the details:

Times for where you live click here


So come in anything to do with animals or just come as yourself, Penguins are animals arn’t they?

There will be two catogories: Members and Non-members!!!!

Prizes coming soon!

1st :



Halloween party!


There are Pumkin antanea in the Plaza:


Scavenger hunt Cheats coming soon


Recording Party Sunday!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone I’m gonna have a recording party.


It’s gonna be this sunday at 5:00 Buffy time (that’s four my time, 2:00 jeff time, five lucy time)

Server: Slushy

Place: Night Club

Buffy time is just an hour after my time. I will usually figure out what time it is for everyone else anyway.

The party will be recorded constantly.

See ya!!!!


4th Anniversary Party Extended!

Kemmy98 here. It’s been a long time since I posted! Anyway, The 4th Anniversary Party has been extended!

 It’s becouse so many penguins couldn’t get into the coffee shop to get the hat! Have you got the hat? If you haven’t, Its your last chance to get it. Here’s what it looks like on a penguin.



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