Please put my banner on your site.

Here is the code!!!

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Please Click Here" border="0" /></a>

This is what it looks like:
Please Click Here


65 Responses to “Banner”

  1. daniel Says:

    I really want my own website

    Labydog’s Answer
    If you want to get your self a website you can go to and sign up then you can make your own website if you every want help with it I will be willing to help. πŸ˜†

  2. josephsalas Says:

    I added you to my blogroll!!!=]

  3. ksa19 Says:

  4. Agent60706 & Clipi Says:

    how do you make them can you do a video for me PLz

    Labydog’s answer
    I will make a vid it will take me a bit of time though do you mean actually making the header? Or just the code??

  5. Yen Burger Says:

    I don’t know how to put banners on my site. I will just write your link on my blogroll and add the banner A.S.A.P.

  6. Rockhopper Says:

    Hi me faithful landlubbers. Howz’ it going Labydog? Just thought I’d be popping in for a bit. Well best be of me friend. Farewell ye fellow penguins!

    Labydog’s Comment
    It’s going great

  7. sony999 Says:

    cool banner!! im putting it on my site!!

  8. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    make me one!

  9. badfabybady Says:

    how do i make one?

  10. badfabybady Says:

    i want to make my own

  11. badfabybady Says:

    a changing one

  12. blue birrrrd Says:

    i want a web site, but i dont know how to get oone

    Labydog’s Answer
    Well go to and get yourself an account. Then create a blog. If you want more help with this just ask!

  13. 3doglove3 Says:

    hey i love ur banner and was wondering if u will make me one ,also if u would add me too ur blog roll( ) and i need help with my website!!!

    Labydog’s Answer
    Is your website about club penguin.

  14. 3doglove3 Says:

    for my banner anything is fine but pink would be good

    Labydog’s Answer
    Ok I will have it done in a few days!

  15. 3doglove3 Says:

    And how do i put the banner on my site?

  16. 3doglove3 Says:

    ya my websites about clubpenguin

    Labydog’s Answer
    Well when I go on there it just has stuff like wordpress vs. blogger. Have I got the right site?

  17. Polarboy9 Says:

    Do u have to download anything to make a website cause my comp isnt connected with that software and it has wireless internet.

  18. Labydog Says:

    No software all you have to do is sign up at !!!

  19. 3doglove3 Says:

    hey im just wondering but will u give me a code or something?

  20. Labydog Says:

    Yep I will make you a code!!

  21. 3doglove3 Says:

    cool thx soooooooooo much!!

  22. 3doglove3 Says:

    is it ready sry im not pashint

  23. 3doglove3 Says:

    o sry but are u still makeing it cause im like super unpashint 😦

  24. Labydog Says:

    Sorry I will try to do it today I have been very busy sorry!!

  25. Polarboy9 Says:

  26. 3doglove3 Says:

    o its fine

  27. agentemo619 Says:

    hi its me again i want a banner too the size is just like yours and animation too and same as my header! the text is 1:Come to Agent Emo619 2: For great club penguin cheats 3: CLICK HERE NOW!

  28. dancer124 Says:


  29. dancer124 Says:

    Hey this is dancer124. πŸ˜† that post is so cool. how do you make them? is there a painting program to do it?

  30. dancer124 Says:

    I want to have a cool banner like yours πŸ˜€ and sure I’ll put your banner on my site.

  31. Labydog Says:

    I use the gimp to make them and I will make you one but it may take a while. What do you want it to say.

  32. Polarboy9 Says:

    Can you replace polischeck’s banner with mine on that sidebar?

  33. agentemo619 Says:

    please add my banner & i will add yours

  34. Labydog Says:

    ok I will add both of yours!

  35. jackcpgang Says:

    Can You Make A Banner For Me. My Banner Sucks.
    This is how I want it:
    Text: 1.Come to jackiecpgang
    2. For Amazing Clubpenguin Cheats
    3.Click Here Now(Use the Harry Pottor Font)
    Background Left:Picture Of Any Member Penguin
    Whole Background:Clubpenguin Logo (Disneps)

  36. jackcpgang Says:

    Website Name:htp://
    Give me the html code in my site by commmenting and put the banner on your sidebar please

  37. Labydog Says:

    Ok I will make you a banner.

  38. Jackie Says:

    thanks and when will be done

  39. Jackie Says:

    and use the harry pottor font on the whole text

  40. Labydog Says:

    OK they should be done in a couple of weeks.

  41. Goldengirl67 Says:

    Hi there I would like to have a banner this is what i want on it:
    Text:Go to Goldengirl67’s site for
    line 2: fantastic stuff
    line 3:Please click here now
    Font:Harry potter font please
    Background:penguin playing on clubpenguin

    Thats all!

  42. Labydog Says:

    I am sorry but I can’t do that kind of background with the program I use.
    I can do the club penguin logo if you want!

  43. Goldengirl67 Says:

    Sure!But labydog about the whole icon thingy see im am nicepuppy’s friend and i don’t know how to change icons.

  44. Goldengirl67 Says:

    And please go to my site and sighn my guesstbook and try to post a comment thanks!My site is

  45. Labydog Says:

    That’s Ok I will do one for each of you sorry about that.
    I just wondered why!

  46. Goldengirl67 Says:

    Its ok,but how do you chsnge the icons?

  47. Labydog Says:

    Once you log into wordpress you have to click on your name where it says howdy (your name)
    Then you can upload your new pic!

  48. nicepuppy9 Says:

    One question,
    What page will you put our banner’s on?

    Please reply back and can we please meet on Tuesday, October 7th. At my igloo. It’ll be on map. The penguin’s name would be Shela Kino and i’ll meet you there!


    P.S. At 4:30. Thanks!

  49. cpcpaino Says:

    i really want to know the site you make your picturs move on so please say it to me please.

  50. cpcpaino Says:

    my site is (

  51. Labydog Says:

    I don’t use a website! I use free software called the gimp it’s quite good!

  52. clubpenguinuserchat Says:


  53. vinathi Says:

    how do you link the advert to your website??

  54. vinathi Says:

    instead of answering that could you just make me one? my website is
    Thanks πŸ˜€

  55. Labydog Says:

    Ok I will make you one!!! And I will e-mail it to you!!!

  56. vinathi Says:

    thank u soooooooooooooooooooo much. I do Dizzywood tips

  57. Stars 33 Says:

    Hi Lilly, I love you’re site, it’s amazing. Come see mine!

  58. Stars 33 Says:

    I’ve put your banner on my site. Also, how can I make a banner?

    • Labydog Says:

      You can use! It’s nice and easy!

  59. Brooke 876 Says:

    I try to put this on my site and then it says ” incorrect characters” or something like that

  60. lisastacy99 Says:

    How do i make a banner for my site?

    • Labydog Says:

      I suggest you use a program called The Gimp it’s free.

  61. rocket24425 Says:

    plz go to

  62. gummyem26 Says: cool website!

  63. Orangedoggy Says:

    May I please join your Blog Roll
    My website is called:
    And it is filled with tons of cheats, trackers, etc….

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