Here are some animations I made!!!


22 Responses to “Animations”

  1. Hariem Says:


  2. Seraphina 7 Says:


  3. 3doglove3 Says:

    lol those are intrasting

  4. Polarboy9 Says:


  5. lukie911 Says:

    u made the on wit ya dancin at the dock!!! arent i smart

  6. lukie911 Says:

    no not the dock lol the beach

  7. emzilyemzy Says:

    Hey laby please post my site again cuz on that day i got 167 views! And I am really unpopular 😦 so please post!

  8. spaz125 Says:

    did you use a software to make those?

  9. Labydog Says:

    Yes I used both free programs called camstudio and movies12!
    Just google these and you can download them.

  10. wee-wee Says:

    i just love your pitures, you should totally put some more

  11. wee-wee Says:


  12. wee-wee Says:


  13. snowy1900 Says:


  14. djrem Says:


  15. ≈¢єℓℓιє555627/נвgυяℓ≈ Says:

    How do you make those?

    • labydogandlucy Says:

      she uses
      camstudio and movies12

      • Labydog Says:

        Um I’m actually a he!

    • Labydog Says:

      Actully you can download movies 12 (now called movies 13) at

  16. pueblo10 Says: could use those

  17. buffy1011 Says:

    I could use them too.

  18. kemmy98 Says:

    Plz make some more!! But plz more funny!!

  19. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    wow i thought labydog was a she but he is s he!i am so sorry labydog oh and if anyone has an extra wordpress or does not want it email me it at

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