Coins for Change exact results and Contest Judged

  • $394,000 will go to kids who are sick (The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation)
  • $330,000 will go to the environment (World Wildlife Fund)
  • $276,000 will go to kids in developing countries (Free the Children)

The contest on the contests page has been judged to view it click here!!


    Fireworks and buddy lists Bug.

    There are fire works at the iceberg:


    Club penguin is having trouble with buddy lists when you delete someone and log back on they are still there so I e-mailed them and this is what they said:


    We are aware of this particular issue with the buddy lists and we are working very hard to fix it.


    Coins foir Change and Other News

    Here are the coins for change results!


    A special addition to CP will be taken from the Dec 28 to Jan 2 I think it is fire works!!


    In other news: There is a new penguin poll on CP’s home page!!

    Christmas scarf

    The scarf is back and located in the ski village!!


    Club Penguin Made a Mistake

    On Friday Club Penguin put out a Christmas scarfs to early they will be avalible on Christmas eve! They will be in the ski village!

    New Pin

    The Wreath pin is located at the Attic (second floor of the Lodge).


    Christmas Party & Paintboy100’s Website News

    There are 2 free items the first is at the dock it is Reindeer Antlers! 😀


    The 2nd one is at the snow forts!


    In other news: Paintboy100 has not chosen yet what to do he says he might even keep it going!! 🙄 But he has been losing comments for a while now if you have a look he has no comments for his last few posts!! 🙄