The Clock Tower Breakdown

The Clock Tower Breakdown

There sat Mistygirl, her eyes were glued to the target attached to the clock tower.
“I’m the worst aimer!” Mistygirl admitted to her friend Emzilyemzy.
“Don’t worry, just keep your eye on the target” replied Emzilyemzy.
Mistygirl grabbed the snowball and prepared to throw.
“Remember aim for the middle” Emzilyemzy reminded her.
Then she put the snow ball behind her head and threw. The snow ball raced in the air at an incredible speed!
Then suddenly the snow ball whammed into the huge clock!
“Oh no! I think the clock tower is broken” said Emzilyemzy.
“I never was good at baseball!” sighed Mistygirl.
“How will we now what time it is?” asked Emzilyemzy.
“Don’t worry I know what time it is” said Mistygirl.
“Well what time is it?” replied Emzilyemzy.
“Time we get a mechanic to fix this clock tower!” announced Mistygirl.

By Mistygirl904


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