Site is running again

I said im going to make this site work again and work on it, SO, Littlepeng3 (me) is going to make this work. We need more authors so if any cares to help post and keep this site alive, please tell labydog (hope you are reading this labydog) or comment. Bye, go to which is my website which neeps updated, so if anywone wants to work on it and post for me on my site as well tell me. Bye, Hope you had a merry christmas everyone.


4 Responses to “Site is running again”

  1. Labydog Says:

    Hi I would love to see this site going again but unfortunatly I don’t have the time to work on it. Thanks for putting effort into making it awesome like it was originally!

    • Applerox Says:

      ill still work on it too wen i can as well if thxz all rite wif u

  2. jeff harty55 Says:

    i am still a authur here littlepeng . i will also elp out. i just need an idea to post about 🙂


  3. Littlepeng3 Says:

    Yeah I have no idea where we should start if we are going to get this running. What will we post about???

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