I guess….

Good-bye for now

I am saying good-bye

Because everyone in my family wants me to quit.

So I guess I will

I have to give them a Christmas present, right?

Buffy no more.

 I’d probably log in the next few days, and make my entire authors administrator’s.

And have a good-bye party tomorrow.

This is your xmas gift. Oh wait; we weren’t doing that, were we.

Secret Santa thing is off.

Buffy the person,

And Buffy the cat

Are no more

If you can email me like a gazillion times and convince my parents that I loved this stuff, and I have all sorts of fun, and I don’t deserve to quit, and then do it. I’ll go on club penguin, and I’ll go on twitter, maybe, but I won’t go on my site, however worthless it is. my email: Buffy1011contactmail@gmail.com (for cp only)

So if you can get like 35 people to say, ‘Buffy don’t quit’ at my good-bye party tomorrow, then I won’t quit.

I should’ve never even went that day, in the computer lab, in 5th grade. I should’ve ignored the kids playing club penguin.

Because it just drove me into this mess.

Everyone in my family keeps on saying, ‘well, it’ll be over in February when you quit club penguin, right?’ and of course, there wrong.

Because buffy1011’s final days are in December.

If it’ll help you any, I’ll make a Christmas gift and send it to you all, via email.

But I’ll get yelled at, anyway.

I want to thank all the authors for posting on my site.

Even copybot.

But don’t quit people. This is my problem, not yours.

I better stop typing; it’s driving me to tears.

It’s not like I have a choice. Do I?

Nope. It’s better than having the stupid chair pulled out from beneath you.

My final day here is coming near.

I haven’t decided yet; but still

My email is Buffy1011contactmail@gmail.com

I’ll delete that soon.

There are a lot of ways I can say good-bye

In many languages.

But I won’t today.

Because I’m quitting a week from Sunday.

Don’t worry about me.

I’ll just make you a crazy person.

Good-bye party is tomorrow, at 1:00 pm PST time. 12:00 east, 11:00 west. I’ll be there.

Do you realize I am one of those weird, creepy shy kids in your school, who don’t necessarily have any friends?

Fab and Me Me We are my only friends.

I do not consider Pizzarolls18 a friend.

You all are my friends, but unless you know where I live, I won’t see you at all.

This is a long good-bye post.

So I will add on.

Here’s weird things you might not have known about me.

My name is Buffy.

I have blond hair, hazel eyes.

You would think me as popular, until you see me with your own eyes.

I’m a weird kid.

People tease me all the time.

Tell me what to do.

Well, farewell for now.

Forever hold your peace.


Oh, I’m sorry

Oh, how I hate myself

Departing Forever

Bye for now

You’ll forget me

Everlasting Friendships

Buffy1011 no more


Don’t quit

Don’t be sad

I’m sorry

Even after I quit, you’ll forget


Buffy1011 says Good-bye

Buffy1011 says Good-by

Buffy1011 says Good-b

Buffy1011 says Good-

Buffy1011 says Good

Buffy1011 says Goo

Buffy1011 says Go

Buffy1011 says G

Buffy1011 says

Buffy1011 say

Buffy1011 sa

Buffy1011 s











3 Responses to “I guess….”

  1. Lilly655 Says:

    I HAVE BLONDE HAIR AND HAZEL EYES TWO, But im prettty pop i guess

  2. Labydog Says:

    Buffy do not quit!

  3. maddyandlucyrock Says:

    teehee pretty pops xD
    i emailed her once labydog email her repetavly
    ill email her too

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