Contest (might have to be for my site only, sorry)

Newest Contest!

Posted on November 7, 2009 by buffy1011 | Edit

Yes, that’s right!
But, its gonna be….an authors only contest. Sorry.
It was taking from my WKCE testing book. WKCE: Wisconsin Knowledge College Education
Here it is:

“On the night of 18 April 1775, a solitary horseman sped to Lexington with alarming news”.

Authors, Editors, Contributors and Administrators:
Awnser this question WITHOUT looking it up, and you’ll be rewarded if it is correct.

What does solitary mean in this sentence?
A. Courteous
B. Distant
C. Lonely
D. Single

If ypu get that question right, without looking it up, you will be promoted/ get a point or two.

Contributor—->Author 2 points
Author—–> Editor 4 points
Editor—–> Administrator 6 points
Administrator—-> UNKNOWN/Specail 8 points

Note: Everyone started out as author. If I promoted you to Editor, you go to Administrator.
But if you an editor at the start, you stay the same. If your a admin at the start, you may author/editor (if I’m nice) one of my other sites, like:
-Buffy1011’s Club Penguin Cheats
-Buffy1011’s Gang of Robbers
So, good luck to you all!
The awnser will be posted in a week or three days!


One Response to “Contest (might have to be for my site only, sorry)”

  1. singstarsammycp Says:

    Buffy can i please be an author,i think your a very good friend and i want to talk to each other more
    Wait, on my blog? This isn’t it.

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