80,000 hits Party!!! woot

There is going to be an 80,000 hits party soon here are the details:

Times for where you live click here


So come in anything to do with animals or just come as yourself, Penguins are animals arn’t they?

There will be two catogories: Members and Non-members!!!!

Prizes coming soon!

1st :




5 Responses to “80,000 hits Party!!! woot”

  1. buffy1011 Says:

    u should’ve had it on my b-day jk

  2. Lilly655 Says:

    When yuur bday

    • buffy1011 Says:

      november 4th wednsday

  3. lucy Says:

    my friend just called im gonig to a sleepover
    i cant go ):

    • buffy1011 Says:

      i will try to go, but i don’t know….

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