Contest Round 2/3 B.

Hello, Buffyfans. This is my latest contest, the 2nd or third round! It’s the second part. I copied this stuff from my contest page.

I have forgotten everything!

1st place: Author this site/have site on secret blogroll (in progress)/pick theme for next party

2nd place: Site on blogroll, add me on cp

3rd place: Have a mini party at my igloo on the map

4th place: choose server for party

 Anyone BELOW: invatation to party.


  • Authors
  • Visitors
  •  Memebers of clubs on this site
  • Friends
  • People who’ve only visited this site once
  •  People who’ve just heard of this site from Youtube.

So here are the rules:

  1.  No cheating!
  2. No copying!
  3. You can ask at least 2 people the awnsers.
  4. No advertising!
  5. Comment only on this post!

If you can’t get the video, I have another option.

You could say its the 2nd option/extra credit, even. You have to do 2 of the five in order to get extra credit or for the 2nd option.

  1. Make a video dedicated to me
  2. Make a card for Faboulsgirl (who’s sick!) using paint or another program.
  3. Make a widget for me!
  4. A. Throw a party dedicated to me and Faboulsgirl/this site, and take a picture of it B. Throw a party dedicated to me and Faboulsgirl/this site, but have someone else take a picture.
  5. A.Advertise this site on 10 sites on my blogroll. B. Advertise this site on more than 20 sites on my blogroll, and earn double extra credit.

 If you choose option 5, you would have to say this:

Hey! Awesome site!

 (make a comment about something you liked about their site.)

Keep it up!

(your username)

 P.S. Please visit and comment on this site. My friend is having a contest, and I want to win! hptt://

Now for the video:

(not avaible yet, I have to get it on here. Watch it at my site…but come right back here!)

Comment the awnsers!

Woo! that’s a lot to type!


 Bye! And Please Visit this Site!




3 Responses to “Contest Round 2/3 B.”

  1. lucy Says:


  2. jeff harty55 Says:

    this says nothin

  3. clubpenguin cheats and glithes Says:

    Hi visit for FREE MEMBERSHIP,TOY CODES,and CHEATS (Apolo17)

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