Heyy peepzzzz

hey Peepz i havent posted latley as i have been working on my computer skills and i will post every now and again. from the COOLIOS OF ALL PEEPZ lilllllyyyy (labydog is still kooooolll)


7 Responses to “Heyy peepzzzz”

  1. jeff harty55 Says:

    i have not seen you post for a long time

  2. Lilly655 Says:

    sometimes i can be really busy, im not much of a cp player… I go on sometimes

  3. how Says:

    how did u do that cool font?

    • buffy1011 Says:

      do u have a wordpress account? If so, you select ‘new post’ and then pick a color by clicking on the ‘font color’ button. if you dont have a wordpress account, make one at WordPress.com.

      • Lucy Says:

        cool! i wanna try dat!

      • Labydog Says:

        lucy your good at being how!

      • maddyandlucyrock Says:

        yeah uhh thanks
        i never feel like typing my name
        and im always in a hurry

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