2 things

Two things pplz.

1. I’m letting Copybot use my penguin so don’t say anything if I look like a boy its just him.

2. The next round is scavenger hunt and a little harder than lucy’s scavenger hunt.

So keep checking back.

And, awnsering Jeff’s ?, Penguin Storm 8 is something you have to download. I will give you the link if you want to download it.

 I can’t post any pictures of the clothing catolog so i’ll make a vid.  If you can help me save images on my computer, I’ll tell you my problem. I will make copybot make a vid, i should say. So he’ll make the vid. And showcase the items. Of course, this will look odd. Remember, its not me its copybot96.

I only share my penguin with him to be nice. That’s all.



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