Sad Day

Hi Everyone,

It’s a sad day today because it is the last time F111s for river fire in Brisbane they will be replaced next year by the Super Hornet!

So tonight was the last time to see the good old DUMP &  BURN.

It is incredible standing out in your backyard with your family in the dark and listening and watching them fly over!

The noise is incredible!

Here’s a picture of what a Dump and Burn looks like!

And here’s a video:

Also there is a new item out for the fall fail!

It is a stripy hat which costs 150 tickets! I won’t put a picture on because I’m tired (it’s 8:15PM here)




2 Responses to “Sad Day”

  1. jeff harty55 Says:

    hey you dont like the fall fair you said fall fail there is also new member items but you are not a member i think

    • Labydog Says:

      Correct if I could get into the meber part I eould post but I am not a memba

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