hey its Caplock2 again on little pengs acount to post for him again lol

Before i say this awesome news heres some updates

the new pin is in the pizza parlor and its a 101 days of boring and fail 101 days of fun was pointless it was not fun. :/ yeah but heres the awesome news!


acually he is

he had a fever and the docter doesent know if he has the flu or not

the good news is his fever is gone and he is better

and since school is here me and peng cant post much

but he can post after this

YAY peng is better!

anyways i did manage to get him to type something real fast:

hey peeps i cant post much so hang in there ladys LOL that always makes my histeracal 😀

anways bye

-Caplock2 and Littlepeng3


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