This is not little peng posting

Note: im not little peng posting here

Hi people well im gonna make this quick
I’m little pengs friend Caplock2 and im posting for him
Because well

ummm how can i put this
well im on little pengs acount because he let me so dont ask

i have to post for him because….. because……

ok ill just say it

little peng is sick

he barfs repeatingly and repeatingly alot

and its not sooo good

😦 dont worry he will be fine kind off

but ill see later

– Caplock2

Note to little peng if you are reading this:

i hope you are better i’ll note to evreywone when you are better please email me IF you can


6 Responses to “This is not little peng posting”

  1. Littlepeng3 Says:

    sorry im still on pengs acount but he wont stop barfing its disgusting (no offense little peng!)

  2. snowy1900 Says:

    ok? lool well hope lil peng feels better soon

  3. Scikid Says:

    Oh No!!!!!!

    Hi! Today I am aiming to reach about 1000-1500 hits in one day. My highest is about 900. Do you think you could help me reach that goal? Thanks in Advance!


  4. kemmy98 Says:

    Lilpeng (the sick one), if your reading, Get better soon!

  5. TracieAnn Says:

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  6. olivia Says:

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