Rockhopper in 2 days+Hidden items!

Hello guys,

Gulchi posting!

Todays special report is “No more hidden items?”

Thease days club penguin is not adding any hidden items in recent catalogs.

I hope it is not permanent.Treasure book 4 book too is lacking hidden items.Whats happening?Just hope that club penguin puts  some secret items in the future catalogs.Here are the recent 3 books that do not have secret items :

Whats happening

What do you think?Please comment.

Rockhopper coming in 2 days!

Rockhopper is coming in just 2 days and its bringing amazing items.{Hopefully}

To see him coming, go to Beacon and then click on the telescope.


And than you see him coming :


just hope,he does not bring back rare items for both members and non members.

He has a bad habit to bring rare items

Gulchi 😉


4 Responses to “Rockhopper in 2 days+Hidden items!”

  1. snowy1900 Says:

    Hi! im having a party so check out the news please and see if you can make it!!

  2. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    hey labydog ca i plz be an athor because i have expereance
    with buffys blog and kemmys random onso wat do you say plz?

    • Labydog Says:


  3. Saurooon Says:

    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

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