I’m Sorry

I am very sorry!

I’ve been so busy lately.

I was at camp a day ago.

And I’m outside playing rather than sitting on the computer

I will do my best to post.

But probably not as often.

It’s summer!

You have the whole world ahead of you.

Go outside ! Play! Enjoy the weather!

Also, School starts September 9th for me.

So I’m going to plan a party.

An end-of-summer bash.

I will work out a good time.

Tell me your time zone.

I’ll try to get everyone to have a chance to come.


Club Penguin  is getting old for me.

I will go on to post and for parties.

But not as much.

I will not quit but I just won’t be on as much.

I will come on to meet you upon special request.

and the coin code contest…..

I’m waiting to become an admin (it will be like a scavenger hunt 😉 )

Then I can set it up.

Sorry for the delay.

My mom just bought cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!


I am going to eat it now



and ps: Labydog I Hope Your Better!


4 Responses to “I’m Sorry”

  1. pup320 Says:

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  2. Labydog Says:

    You are now an admin sorry for the delay!

    • maddyandlucyrock Says:

      its ok
      id better get onto round three!
      its going to be a scavenger hunt

  3. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    ok my time zone is western but what is that to pst?
    oh ya western in the united states

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