Urgent News!!!!!

People! You MUST read on! This picture below is NOT an edit! untitledSee? I think this is a new penguin of the most famous hacker of Club Penguin, the maker of the world famous CP Trainer, VITAL VIPER! More proof is, I saw him, in the Coffee Shop, Walking in to the Chatbar but he couldn’t! His penguins feet was just moving like he was waddling but he wasn’t! Get it? For precoutions, if you see him, I would take a pic and then log off. It was this week that I saw him!


2 Responses to “Urgent News!!!!!”

  1. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    i will look out for him but wat is the name so i can bann him

    • kemmy98 Says:

      Hi Jeff!
      Thanks for commenting! It says on the pic but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s Vitall Wave. Bare in mind, this might not be him. It just seemed very suspious.. Yeah so, LMAO at your comment, but, It might not be him. Life’s full of meystorys. :s

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