I have Deleted my Blog!

Kemmy98 here,

I have deleted my blog. This is why,

I have recently joined a Club Penguin Army. Sadly, the Leader, Blue Buru, retired becouse he didn’t have enough time to run the Army. You can read what he had to say about it here: http://bloodwarriors.wordpress.com/    

Anyway, I feel that I need to put 100% in. To do that I wouldn’t have time to run my blog.

Signing off, Kemmy98.xx


2 Responses to “I have Deleted my Blog!”

  1. buffy1011 Says:

    u could have left it up, and just have let ppl view ur blog.
    i know someone who did what i just said:
    i think thats his url

    • Kemmy98 Says:

      Good Idea! But I wouldn’t of. Wasn’t alot on it. 😦 Wouldn’t be much point. Good suggestion though.

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