Clothing catolog, boxes, and New color!!

Hi Guys!

 Check out the new color! Aqua! I think its close to light blue, but hey! It’s a new color!  Heres what it looks like! Also there is boxes around town!


         Also in the new catolog there is the Splatter t shirt!

               splatter t shirt!


          There is also the returning pizza outfit!



              Then there is backrounds! 2 new 2 old!


         There are NO new cheats?!?!

         Well here are some old ones:

        Click on the piano for the viking helmet:

      Click on the Sea shell for the Canteen!:

      Click on the last window for the Woodmans hat:

     Click on the Dragon shadow for blue dragon suit!:

                 Then there is a new log in screen!


        Can’t wait for the Festival of Flights!!

         Snowy1900 🙂


2 Responses to “Clothing catolog, boxes, and New color!!”

  1. chinsetakout Says:


    Wow your site has gotten so much better since the last time i visited 😀 Awesome job! It would be awesome for you to add these site to your blogroll: and It would really mean a lot and would so cool if you did! I can’t wait to visit again! 😀


  2. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    me neither

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