update: party is today at 6:09 A.M PST!!!! check my twitter often for the places we are at: http://twitter.com/Littlepeng3 🙂

Hiya people! its me Littlpeng3 but you dont know me lol.
but anyways im the new auther yay!!! XD lol but since im soo happy im going to have a contest but i need labydogs permissoin. but im still so happy! so im gonna have a partty
wont that be fun?
but anyway here is the time day and stuff.

Date: Augest 4th

Time: lets see like 6:09 PST {if you dont know what that is its Penguin Standerd Time}

Server: lets see i think it should be Ice Shelf

and Place: we will be moving from place to place but we will start at the cofee shop.

and if you are coming comment your club penguin name so we know if evreywones there so we can movve from place to place.
So bye! Littlpeng3 out. 🙂

Wait and i will be taking pics of the party and i will post them up!

Now littlpeng3 out! 😀


7 Responses to “hiya!”

  1. Littlepeng3 Says:

    oh wait and its 6:09 A.M so you know

  2. gulchi Says:

    Which server is the most popular?You have to decide!
    Check out my site.
    Gulchi 😉

  3. Littlepeng3 Says:

    ok? i guess i will lol

  4. Littlepeng3 Says:

    im watching spongebob on TV now lol

  5. Lilly655 Says:

    umm I MIGHT come

  6. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    i hate spongebob

    • maddyandlucyrock Says:

      lol jk

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