contest round 1

Contest is still on….

Here are the ppl and their places:

1st place: Gulchi

2nd place: labydogandlucy

so far. Though. Now all we need is more ppl to comment.

Anyways, here is what u get.

1st place: Admidistrate this site/have site on secret blogroll (in progress)/pick theme for next party

2nd place: Site on blogroll, add me on cp, Author site, site on secret blogroll/room for party

3rd place: Have a mini party at my igloo on the map

4th place: choose server for party

Anyone BELOW:

invatation to party.

In order to win…

  • 1 point: You have to comment here 20 times
  • 2 points:  Find me on club penguin and comment your username here/time/server
  • 3 points: comment here 30 times
  • 4 points: comment here 40 times
  • 5-9 points: advertise this site on 5-10 sites that arn’t on my blogroll (and comment the sites)
  • 10 points: Get at least 20 people to come here
  • 50 points: Get 100 people to come here!!!!

It would be out of luck if you could get 50 points.


  • Authors
  • Visitors
  • Memebers of clubs on this site
  • Friends
  • People who’ve only visited this site once

Goal: alot of hits.

Comment while u can!!!! (for round 1)




7 Responses to “contest round 1”

  1. buffy1011 Says:

    hint to find me: visit this link (then come back here of course)

  2. maddyandlucyrock Says:

    does the 100 poeple have to be diffrent?
    if not im gunna visit here 100 times
    here are the hits im beginning with!
    73,411 Hits
    ok here i go!

  3. maddyandlucyrock Says:

    nevermind the hits arent going up 😦

  4. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    how do i enter tell me at or on here

  5. labydogandlucy Says:

    ok i visited 100 times

  6. buffy1011 Says:

    100 different ppl.

  7. maddyandlucyrock Says:

    oh well
    i got 3 ppl 🙂

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