I forgive Gulchi

I forgive Gulchi. He was only trying to help.

I have to idea if Copybot96 forgives him, though. He seemed pretty upset seeing me upset.

Anyways, I like this multi colored text lol. It’s cool.

Have you guys seen the contest on cp? For a book in the book room? I’m entering it!

I will post my story. You guys can help me. It’s gonna take a long time, since I’m going to think hard.

Anyways, lol. This post is very colorful.

Since Gulchi was being soo nice, I’m giving him a head start on my contest. Congrats! 20 extra points for Gulchi!

Buffy1011 😀


One Response to “I forgive Gulchi”

  1. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    ohhhh you are so nice buffy1011you are the best bloger on this site after labydog

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