people going to round 3

baby 633


brooke 876

(sorry this is late)

this post is meant for…



penguin lover

and people who post on this site- im very nice aren’t i!

brooke 876- you get to be entered because im feeling genorous

you have to go to 10 more websites and advertize

AND they cant be on labydogs blog roll

challenging eh?

the first 2 people to correctly do it will go on to round 3 (wich will be very easy 🙂 )


1. You can not use a website you already used

2. you can’t use the website someone else used

3.The blog can’t be on labydog’s blog roll

4. The blog must be about club penguin

5. it has to have at least 100 hits (if they don’t have a hit counter, there has to be at least 50 comments)

hurry and do it the first 3 commenters with the name are the only ones!


35 Responses to “ROUND 2 COIN CODE CONTEST”

  1. labydogandlucy Says:

    club penguin is done for
    it was hacked!
    idk how or why but maddy told me it got hacked last night around 10:00
    all the post cards were messed up
    this is all what maddy said
    tonight i will stay up and see if it gets messed up again
    😦 bye

  2. Brooke 876 Says:

    ok im starting now!

  3. Brooke 876 Says:

    im done! well i probolly didnt do it right. 😦

    theese are the sites i advertised on and not all of them have advertise your site pages i just commented your site and im probolly not gonna make it to round three and ill NEVER have a toy code! 😦

  4. Brooke 876 Says:

    welll i didnt do it right i guess.

  5. Brooke 876 Says:

    anway here are the websites i advertised on i probolly didnt do it right and im probolly not going in round three ever and ill NEVER EVER have a toy code! 😦 EVER

  6. Brooke 876 Says:
    there and im not gonna win ever ill never have a toy code. 😦

  7. Brooke 876 Says:

    maybe i should feel more confident

  8. Brooke 876 Says:

  9. Brooke 876 Says:

    thats the first one

  10. Brooke 876 Says:

    and the second:

  11. Brooke 876 Says:


  12. Brooke 876 Says:


  13. Brooke 876 Says:

    and also the next one

  14. Brooke 876 Says:

    and the next one!!!

  15. Brooke 876 Says:

    and the next

  16. Brooke 876 Says:

    and also this one:


    this one may not work but try it

  17. Brooke 876 Says:

    and this one

  18. Brooke 876 Says:

    Last one! im so exictited i cant wait i wish i can go on round 3!!!!! i cant wait i might get my first toy code!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Baby633 Says:

    Labydogandlucy what do I do ??? In the round 1 I make comment over 30 sites and now I can`t found sites to post here in comment.

    • labydogandlucy Says:

      i guess you can join round 3 because u did do 30 posts

  20. buffy1011 Says:

    Here is all the sites i commented on:

  21. buffy1011 Says:
    is wat i did

  22. buffy1011 Says:

  23. buffy1011 Says:

  24. buffy1011 Says:

  25. buffy1011 Says:

  26. buffy1011 Says:

  27. buffy1011 Says:

  28. buffy1011 Says:

  29. buffy1011 Says:

  30. buffy1011 Says:

  31. buffy1011 Says:

  32. buffy1011 Says:


  33. buffy1011 Says:

    idk but it had doggy in it.

  34. buffy1011 Says:

    this is for my bff/sister, Faboulsgirl (i already had a coin code; we drove all over.) Yay!!!! (Doggy17 is on my blogroll).

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