how to be a nub at the cove

this may be old news but me posting it anyways

1.go to cove


2.go to the right of the chat bar

chat bar next to the map




in other news,i got a kitten!

idk what to name her, right now me calling her tofu lol



10 Responses to “how to be a nub at the cove”

  1. Jeff Harty55 Says:

    dont call her tofu! call her nia thats a lot better name

  2. lou c Says:

    lol i just couldnt think of a name i wasnt gunna keep it!
    its emily now

    • Labydog Says:

      I think Emily is a great name I’d call her that ❗

  3. lou c Says:

    she got under our floorboards through a crack yesterday and she got all the way down to the furnace
    shes ok but she was down there for 2 hours
    shes emily truble O’Connor 🙂

    • Labydog Says:

      Ooooh if you don’t mind me asking what is a furnace and why do you have one? We don’t have them in australia. Are they something to do with heating? Well I spose where I live it dosen’t get cold enough it only get’s about 5’C at the worst! Well maybe a little bit colder sometims but yea.

  4. lou c Says:

    oh a furnace is a thingy for heating homes. We have one cuz it is usually cold in my area (somewhere in north america)
    its a device used for heating.

  5. abbieEleanor Says:

    Lol! Tofu! Very uniqe name!

  6. lou c Says:

    i was hungry when i ate her!

  7. lou c Says:

    o i mean named!
    srry i ges i am still hungry

    • Labydog Says:


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