CP Medievil Party Free Item & new pin

The free item is in the light house here is a picture (it’s the blue hat on the table)!


And also here is the new pin you have to click the anvil maker to get it! (I’d make an animation except my pc is broken)fghfgh

I was not able to help with the member maze (as I’m not a member).

So until Lucy or Buddy can do a guide (cause their members) you should check out mimo’s site at http://clubpenguingang.com/

Note: The widget will not update Until I get my pc fixed tomorrow soz for the inconvinience!

-Labydog Signing Off (Just had to say that for some reason bye)


7 Responses to “CP Medievil Party Free Item & new pin”

  1. labydogandlucy Says:

    lol did u have to go to the bathroom in one picture?lol

    • Labydog Says:

      No I was just dancing. 😆

  2. labydogandlucy Says:

    also ill let u use my account to do posts like the member quest if u want
    all uz gotta do is ask labydog
    ill say yes 😉
    anything to help the blog

    and can i take a week off (lol sounds wierd)my cat died and im making a grave outta concrete and it mite take awile

    ps:my pik taking thing (mwsnap)doesnt save the pix and autosaving is on so i need to fix that to
    so me will b buzzy (busy)
    (lol)(i say lol alot)iz a habit i ges

    • Labydog Says:

      Thanks for the offer about your penguin (it would be handy sometimes)!
      Course you can have a week off!

      Hhave a good day!


  3. labydogandlucy Says:

    kk if u DO want it just ask ill giv u the password

    lol iz fun

  4. Ayushbest1 Says:

    Can I Please Become An Admin?

    • Labydog Says:

      I’m Sorry But in a word No. Soz

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