Club Penguin Times Issue #185

Part 2 to the Medieval Story, New Play, Paychecks arriving threw Penguin Mail and more! Club Penguin Times Issue #185. Check it out.

Medieval Story Part 2


A Noble Night, a Daring Princess, and a Silly Jester set out on a journey to the Underground Maze! They reached the Maze and the Doors were locked. The Night charged at them, but it would need Brains now Brawn! They put there heads together and worked out the Puzzles to the locks. But behind the door lay a Fierce Dragon. What will happen next? Find out in next weeks paper. Club Penguin also might have given away one of the New Medieval Costume’s, take a look:


It is a Blue Dragon Costume, last year they had a Green Dragon Costume, this year, maybe a blue one!?!

Paychecks in The Mail


PSA Agents and Tour Guides will be surprised to find Paychecks of 250 Coins in there Penguin Mail Box starting May 1st! And if you roll your courser over the Penguins Getting Paid Event in the Upcoming Events, you can see what the Postcard looks like that you will receive along with 250 Coins and that is confirmed. Check it out:



The Postcard reads:

“Thank You for keeping Club Penguin safe. 250 Coins have been added to your account.”

New Play In The Works


A brand new play is in the works. It will feature a mix of old clothing items, Play Designers normally make there own costumes, but they went to the Gift Shop to find some old items. Store Clerk remembers them asking for Viking Helmets and Ghost Ghosts. Maybe a Rainbow Viking Helmet? And the old Gold Viking Helmet? I guess we’ll find out May 8th!

In Focus


In Focus: Shopping

Top Secret


mmm, I sense this being already used? Well if you didn’t know it, check it out!




I’m not so fond of it, but if you like it. Check it out on page C6!

Upcoming Events




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