Easter egg hunt, pin, stage and even More!

Hi Guys!

   How are you doign with the Easter egg hunt? Well if you need help i hope this can help you!

            To Find the first egg go to the Outside of the night club and click on the Light!


          Get the second egg at the cove!


            Go to the mine cart to get the 3rd egg!


                  For the fourth egg go to the dojo!


           To get the 5th egg go to the Gift shop!


        Go the the Ski lodge for the 6th egg!


            The 7th egg is at the Ski Hill!


              Then go to the beacon, and turn the light off with the switch, to get the 8th egg! :)


             Then click to get your prize which is the returning Bunny ears! They need a new color. Like red, or purple :)


           Once again for the 3rd-4th time the Golden puffle play came back. Clickthe golden pufle for the Hidden item!


         Lastly go to the Forest for the chocolate Bunny pin!


           Then there was a new poll on the Community blog!


           Then there is a new Fun activities!

               Click the image to print.

         Whoa! Big post. Lol

              Snowy1900 8O


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